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Advantages and disadvantages of glass tea set

Pulished on Feb. 26, 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of glass tea set

Among many tea wares, glass tea wares are unique because of their clear and smooth appearance, and many tea friends prefer to choose glass tea wares. Today let us talk about topic for glass tea set.

Glass was called "glazed" in ancient times. It is a colored and translucent substance. It is generally mixed with quartz-containing sand, limestone, and soda ash, and then melted and formed at high temperature, and then formed by cooling. There are many advantages to using glass teaware to make tea, but of course there are some disadvantages.

Advantages of glass tea set

Let me talk about the advantages first. The advantages of glass tea sets mainly include the following aspects:

1. The appearance is dazzling. Glass is transparent and highly malleable, so tea sets made of glass come in different shapes and shine. Should you need to have own design,just to creat a new mold for teapot.

2. Tea making is impressive. The glass tea set is transparent in texture. When brewing tea, you can intuitively watch the beautiful posture of tea leaves floating in the cup, and the bright color of tea soup is also clear at a glance. This advantage can bring good mood for you during the tea time.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass tea set

3. Keep tea fragrance to the maximum. Glass tea sets have high density, low porosity, and low water absorption. They will not absorb the flavor of tea, and they will not smell when you brew different kinds of tea. Glass tea set is used to brew delicate green tea. The aroma of the tea is not easily absorbed, and the original flavor of the tea is retained.

4. Easy to clean. The glass tea set is easy to clean after brewing tea, and the taste does not remain. Easy to clean can save time for you.

5. Lower cost. Because glass tea sets are produced in batches, the cost is low. In most cases, the price is lower than other tea sets and it is easy to buy.

6. More healthy for drinking. As you know,glass material is a food safe material for people. It is the most important reason why more and more people prefer to choose glass teaset today.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass tea set

Disadvantages of glass tea set

Of course, glass tea sets also have their inherent disadvantages, and we cannot ignore them.

1. Fragile texture. Glass tea set is brittle in texture, so it may be damaged by accident when making tea.

2. more hot. Glass tea set is hotter than ceramic, purple sand, metal and other tea sets. Pour freshly brewed tea into a glass cup and it should not be held directly by hand.

3. The artistic value is not high. Most glass tea wares are produced in batches (except for individual ones). They are not strong in craftsmanship.

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Advantages and disadvantages of glass tea set

Advantages and disadvantages of glass tea set