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Difference of glass goblet and crystal goblet

Pulished on Sep. 19, 2019

Glass or crystal are the materials to make goblets normally.


Q1: What difference of glass goblet and crystal goblet?

Normal glass goblet is more thicker and price will be more competitive. Cause the major material of glass is silicon dioxide, so will not have any chemical reaction with air. When we clean glass goblet it will not have any chemical component leave.


Crystal glass goblet will add 20%-30% lead depend on glassware material. Lead can make goblet more toughened and durable. Cause goblet is light and durable, so when we touch it, it sounds clear and melodious. Cause these crystal goblets have lead, so refracted try is better, so when we observe wine or any liquid inside, it looks best.


Q2: Which will be better, glass goblet or crystal goblet?

Actually glass goblet and crystal goblet are good quality goblet. Most of crystal goblet will include lead, but when we drink wine, it will not resolve lead from crystal.


Q3: How to distinguish glass goblet and crystal goblet?

-Hand feeling: Cause heat-conducting property of crystal goblet is better than glassware, so when we touch crystal goblet, it feels more cooler.

-Thickness: Thickness of crystal is 7 and glass is 5, so crystal can rit glassware.

-Refraction: Crystal goblet will be more clear than glass goblet.

-Voice: Crystal goblet sounds more clear and melodious.


After read this article, have you know more details of crystal and glass goblets? If yes, please choose your prefer crystal and glass goblets to your family!

Difference of glass goblet and crystal goblet