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Etiquette and tips for drinking red wine

Pulished on Mar. 19, 2020

In daily life, we need to participate in a variety of social activities, but for newcomers, wine etiquette is really not an easy task. Do you know any wine etiquette?

1.Pour wine

Seemingly simple thing, but actually full of knowledge. For example, what type of wine do you need to pour? Usually, one third of the glass is filled with red wine, one-half of the glass is filled with white wine, and three-quarters of the glass is filled with champagne.

Etiquette and tips for drinking red wine

2.Wine glass

Different wines will be used on different occasions, but different wines will use different wine glasses. The wine glass used for red wine is generally a glass body with a large mouth and a thick and short stem. The red wine shakes in it, and the red wine hanging on the glass is bright in color. Champagne is a slim type glass with a narrow body. Because of the high degree of liquor, the wine glasses are all small spirit glass types, and some bases are thicker and heavier.

Etiquette and tips for drinking red wine

3. Drinking etiquette

In the process of drinking, we try not to look into the eyes of others, but to look at the wine in our hands, if it is not polite to look directly at the eyes of others.

Etiquette and tips for drinking red wine

4. Placement

In the etiquette of Western food, pay attention to the placement of wine glasses, usually the wine glass will be placed on the right side of the glass on the table.

5.Entertain guests

If you are the host of the banquet, when you entertain other people's drinks, you must always pay attention to whether the other people ’s wine glasses are empty. If you see empty wine glasses, try to pour as much as possible.

Have you learned some of the drinking tips above? If you have more ideas welcome to add.