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Frosted glass features and cleaning measures

Pulished on Oct. 12, 2019

The cups that we use in daily life are more healthy and environmentally friendly, but the glasses are also divided into many kinds, such as light glass, spray glass, decal glass, frosted glass, gold glass. We have also explained the glass many times, this time we are talking about frosted glass.

Frosted glass bottles

What is the process of frosted glass?

Frosted glass is a type of post-processing. It is made of a pure light cup. The light body cup is soaked in a chemical liquid. The frosted glass has a high-grade feeling. His surface is rough, not light, gentle and fashionable. Like a simple and not gorgeous style glass, frosted glass is definitely a cup you will choose.

Frosted tea glass

Is the frosted glass toxic?

From the process of the production process, you will find that the process is exposed to chemical products, and the use of the cup is closely related to our health. Therefore, the chemical products we use are harmless to the human body. Please don't worry too much. But it cannot be said that it is completely non-toxic. Therefore, if you pay special attention to this aspect, it is recommended that you use a simple cup.

Frosted glass bottles with lid

Is the frosted glass clean?

The frosted glass has a lot of stains for a long time, and we have several ways to wash the cup.

1. Use toothpaste or this lemon slice on the brush, then rinse off with water.

2. Brush the cup with orange peel and rinse with water.

3. Teacups Because of the high number of teas, the cup wall tends to accumulate a thick layer of tea stain, which is sometimes not easy to clean. In fact, just crush the eggshell, put it into a dirty cup or bottle to be cleaned, then add a few drops of vinegar, shake it slowly, and then wash it with a brush to clean the parts that are not easy to clean.

Frosted glass features and cleaning measures