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The correct posture to pouring the wine or champagne? Table manners?

Pulished on Jun. 06, 2019

     The correct posture to pouring the wine or champagne? Table manners?cid=3

What is the champagne and the grape wine? What different between them ?

     1.Grape Wine 

        Grape Wine is the biggest name, including champagne. Wine according to type: can be divided into static, sparkling, fortified. According to the color distinction white wine, red wine, rose wine. According to the amount of residual sugar, there are dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet. Champagne is one of the bubbly types.



      Only sparkling wines produced in the champagne region of France can be called champagne, usually with high acidity and green fruit flavor. Champagne is the regional name of France, Because French wine is practiced naming system of origin, So Champagne is also a brand name. Champagne is the northernmost wine region in France, where the cool climate is not conducive to grape growth and the grapes are high in acidity. Champagne is not a good place to make still grape wine to drink which with a meal, but it is a good place to make sparkling wine.

The manner of Pouring champagne

     When someone pours champagne, always pour a cup of foam, wait for foam to disappear, the champagne in the cup is very few . To enjoy the best taste of champagne, whether you are holding the glass or the guest is holding the glass,Please tilt the glass at a 45-degree Angle, with the top of the bottle close to the rim, and allow the champagne to flow slowly down the glass to the bottom.

    When the wine is more than 1/2 glass high, less than 3/4 glass high, slowly adjust the glass to its upright position. When the guest is drinking, the height of the wine is less than a third, can be refilled. 

     Champagne usually uses crystal glasses because they have a smoother surface and reduce the formation of bubbles. The most suitable champagne glasses are flutes, and the rim converges inward.

      The correct posture to pouring the wine or champagne? Table manners?cid=3

The manner of  Pouring Grape wine

   1.Hold the wine bottle or place it on the table,make sure the label is outside which can be saw by the guests.

   2.The bottle mouth is located directly above the middle of the cup, and the height from the cup is 1-2cm. 

      Pour the wine at a moderate rate, too slow and the liquid will It dripped on the side of the cup. 

   3.The best of height is : 1/3 of the Glass cup < wine surface height < glasses 1/2 level, this height to ensure 

      we have enough space to shake the glass to wake up the wine. 

   4.When the glass of wine is almost empty,can ask the guest if would like to refill.