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Tips to clean the fogy and cloudy glass cup

Pulished on Jul. 10, 2019

Tips to clean the fogy and cloudy glass cup

The glass cup is attractive and non-toxic and it is used to drinking water.  After a long time using, the glass cup already looks foggy and cloudy. Regarding glassware cleaning, some people choose to use cleaning agents, but the cleaning agent is rich in harmful chemical components, and should not be used too much. Pls, do not use detergent to clean the glass. Below stuff are the 6 good tips for you to clean your glass cup harmlessly.

1, Edible Salt: Firstly, Place the salt into the glass cup, which was just finished cleaning with water. Secondly,  clean your hands and use the salt to polish the surface of the glass cup. It is supposed to see the clear glass in a while. What a magical thing! 

2, Mung beans: One of our favorite foods. Prepare two tablespoons of white vinegar and some mung beans. Mixing them into a glass cup, you are supposed to seal the mouth of the cup and shake it vigorously. After rubbing between the mung bean and the glass, the stain of the glass will be cleaned.

3, Alcohol: Pay attention to the  75% medical alcohol. Pouring around 15ml of alcohol into a dry glass cup. Then scrub the inner wall of the glass with clean gauze. After cleaning, rinse with water repeatedly.

Tips to clean the fogy and cloudy glass cup

4, Toothpaste: It is a very simple way to clean the glassware. Pls make sure the glass is dry before cleaning. If there have water in the glassware, the cleaning effect will be not as good as expected.

5, Citrus Peel:  Slightly scrub the inner wall of the glass with a few slices of fresh citrus peel, which is a good way to completely remove the mist from the inner wall!

6. Boiling water: There are many uses for the water. Here, we should use its heat to ablate the stains of the glass. Keep in mind that the glass should be placed in the pot when it is cold, and it should not be placed directly into the boiling water, otherwise the glass will burst out.

Tips to clean the fogy and cloudy glass cup

For frit stuck in the wall of glassware, is usually pretty hard to remove them

Do you know how to remove glass frit?

  1. Remove the tea scale on the metal tea compartment. If the filter of the teapot is made of metal, it will become dark due to the tea stain. If the tea stain can not be removed with a medium-sized cleaning agent, it will be soaked with vinegar or soaked with bleach. 

2. Remove the tea scale on the teacup or teapot. Using the Sponge with salt to rub the wall of the glassware, which can clean the glassware into clear. 

3. After removing the small pieces of tea scale, pls soaking the glassware with bleaching agent or cleaning powder. Keep them one night, then you can remove the tea easily.

4. Potato skin is a good subject to clean tea stain.  Put the potato skin into the glass cup with the boiling water. Seal it with a lid and stay for 5-10 minutes. Then shake it up and down a few times to remove the tea stain.Tips to clean the fogy and cloudy glass cup

5. Scrub with toothpaste or broken eggshell, then rinse with water.

6. Soaking the glass cup in the diluted acid vinegar for 30 minutes, the glass cup will become clear as new. As to the exquisite tea set, it can be scrubbed with cloth and vinegar. The position where the finger can not reach, you can use a soft toothbrush with a solution of vinegar, salt to clean the glass cup.

Tips to clean the fogy and cloudy glass cup