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Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in China

Pulished on Sep. 24, 2019

China has been one of the largest glass manufacturing countries in the world since the end of last century. With the rapid growth of many construction and home industries, it is expected that china glass industry will be an important section in foreign trade in the next 10 years.

China glassmanufacturing Companies, some famous manufacturers are as follows:

Taiwan Glass Group

Focusing on global operations and continuously researching and introducing various glass manufacturing and processing technologies, the company's total revenue was set at an astonishing 390 million pounds in 2017, when it was estimated that it had employed 10,000 employees in 10 countries. Absorb products with aesthetic competitiveness from all over the world. Founded in 1993, the products cover the fields of architectural glass, automotive glass, decorative glass, glass fiber, glass container food, processed glass (offline coating, online coating, LOW-E, hollow, laminated, tempered, colored glaze, silver mirror), etc.

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Founded in 1987, it is China's earliest glass company with a modern production base. The company has actively cooperated with other associations and universities and jointly developed some very unique technologies. Fuyao Group is the largest domestic supplier of automotive glass with the highest level of technology and the largest export volume. Fuyao provides complete sets for famous automotive brands in China's complete vehicle matching market, with a market share of more than 50% of the country.

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Garbo Glass

Guangdong Garbo Industrial Co. Ltd, specializing in developing, designing, producing and marketing, is a large-scale enterprise which integrates industry and trade of household glassware. The products range are Glass Tumblers, Engraved Glass Cups, Shot Glass, Glass Mugs, Glass Pitchers, Glass Decanters, Glassware Set, Glass Bowls, Glass Plates, Glass Candy Pots, Glass Vases,Glass Storage Jars, Baking Glassware, Borosiliate Glassware, Glass Stemware, Glass Ashtray, Glass Napkin Holders, Glass Fruit bowl & Plates, Glass Candle Holders.

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Jinjing Glass

Jinjing Glass is popular for its special efficiency. It is a large group company that focuses on the development, production, processing and operation of glass, soda ash and its extended products, and has gradually entered the fields of new solar energy materials and new energy-saving materials. It is a high-tech enterprise in China. Its products include touch screen, glass brick, anti-fog mirror, reflector, display screen, U-shaped glass, 2mmag glass, anti-fog glass, platform glass, high-definition glass, transparent glass, anti-explosion glass, reinforced glass, arc glass and chip glass.

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Blue Star Glass

The company is mainly engaged in blue star series high-grade float colored glass (color glass), offline toughened LOW-E coated glass, online LOW-E coated glass, offline toughened sunshine controlled coated glass, online sunshine controlled coated glass and online sunshine easy-cleaning coated glass. now it has more than ten kinds of color products in five series of green, gray, blue, tea and gold, and has the research and development ability to develop other color products in time for the market. the company has developed 59 production bases, 29 sales offices and 4 research and development centers.

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SYP Glass

Founded in 1993, it is a representative of China's quality glass. It provides contemporary and structural glass solutions and is committed to the research and development and manufacture of renewable resources products. It has the world's most advanced low-emissivity coated glass, solar panel glass and energy-saving hollow glass. The company produces high-quality float glass in the world and provides the best base materials for automobile, airplane, ship, coating, curtain wall, hollow, construction and other industries. Since it was put into production in August 1997, glass of different specifications with a thickness of 2 mm to 19 mm has been successfully produced, and has reached the technical requirements of superior float glass products through the inspection of the national glass quality inspection center. In the same industry, the technological level and glass quality have already taken the lead.

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SG Glass

Founded in 1984, specializing in the production of energy-saving glass, advanced technology can produce high-quality glass products without increasing manufacturing costs. China's earlier low-emission energy-saving glass manufacturers, whose main businesses are the production, manufacture and sale of energy-saving building materials such as flat glass, engineering glass, renewable energy products such as silicon materials, photovoltaic modules, and new materials and high-tech products such as fine glass. The products manufactured are energy-saving and decorative and have great competitiveness.

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Xinyi Glass

Founded in 1988, internationally renowned high-quality float glass manufacturers, solar photovoltaic glass manufacturers, and xinyi glass products and solutions cover the fields of high-quality float glass, photovoltaic glass, automobile glass, engineering glass, etc., and deliver their products to customers all over the world with flexible supply chain capability, reasonable production cost, one-stop supply mode, and professional logistics channels. Special glass products are mainly used for deep processing of energy-saving glass to meet the needs of automotive glass, LOW-E, hollow and other energy-saving engineering glass fields, and to produce various special color glasses to meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad.

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