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What is a Shot Glass?

Pulished on Oct. 16, 2018


  Shot glasses are small glasses that are designed to hold liquids in measurements of 25ml to 50ml. Shot glasses are most widely known as a drinking glass, though they can also be used as a jigger measure when making cocktails.

  A shot glass is usually used to serve strong spirits and liqueurs in appropriate amounts, and even to serve small cocktails. Shots are traditionally drunk in a quick-fire manner, hence the name ‘shot’.

  The UK Weights and Measurements Act defines that a premises may sell a single shot measured at 25ml or 35ml, and a double measured at 50ml. The USA defines shots in US fl oz with a small shot measuring 1floz (30ml), a single 1.5floz (44ml), and a double 2.5floz (74ml).

  See the table below for more details on shot measurement classification.

  Rather than simply pouring a spirit or liqueur straight from the bottle, a pourer is commonly used. This is ideal for the small size of a shot glass as a pourer gives greater control over the flow of the liquid. A pourer is particularly useful when creating a layered shot such as a B-52 because the liquid can be poured slowly so the contents do not mix.

  Despite their small size, shot glasses will often have a thick base, which is ideal for slammers, which require the drinker to ‘slam’ the glass on the bar top. A slammer shot contains a fizzy ingredient, that when slammed, fizzes up to give the drinker an added sensory experience to the strong alcoholic shot.


  UK         25ml or 35ml    50ml

  US/Canada    30ml (1USoz)     44ml (1.5USoz)     74ml (2.5USoz)

  Ireland         35.5ml    71ml

  Australia/New Zealand          30ml    60ml

  Germany         20ml    40ml

  Poland    25ml    50ml    100ml