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What is the best cup for making tea?

Pulished on Oct. 09, 2019

In our daily life, Generally, a more commonly used tea drinking set is glass, ceramics and some porcelain. Different teas are actually made from cups made of different materials. It is better for tea.

When making black tea and oolong tea, you should use pottery, because the pottery is relatively better than other materials for its heat preservation, and it can make the oolong tea and black tea taste better when making the tea. However, the disadvantage is that the color of the tea and the shape of the tea can only be observed from the surface,but nor for all around.

When making green tea, it is generally possible to use glassware, because the glass tea set is relatively transparent, can see the stretched state of the tea leaves in the glass screen, and the green tea has a very artistic appreciation value.


In fact, making tea is also very particular. Generally speaking, when making tea, especially green tea, using uncovered glass to make, and pay attention to the water temperature of about 80 degrees because the green tea leaves are very tender that High temperature is more harmful. In addition, if you choose a tea set with a lid that is not easy to dissipate heat. After a long time, the tea is blistered, and the tea soup becomes very turbid, which is very unattractive. When drinking scented tea, the best way is to use a glass with a lid, which can keep the tea.

China tea glass cup

As for me, I am not a professional tea drinker, so I would prefer to use a glass to drink tea, because I can see the tea and the state of the tea in the cup.the color of the tea in the glass will gradually become rich. And the process can also be seen at a glance, so that a visual viewing will