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What is the difference between expensive and cheap glass?

Pulished on Sep. 20, 2019

It is believed that glass is for every family because we always use it for drinking water, tea and wine in daily life. But the price of the glass is different from shopping mall. The normal expensive one maybe five hundred dollars and the cheap one maybe just five dollars. So what is the difference between expensive glass and cheap one? Below are the reasons for your reference.


Do you know what material of the glass is? Do you know what material is better? The glass is for crystal glass and crystal. The crystal means various colors of artificial crystals (including 24% of lead dioxide) as raw materials, adopting ancient bronze dewaxing casting method of high temperature dewaxing crystal works. Its color is beautiful and its quality is crystal clear and dazzling. This process can be completed with dozens of manual and meticulous operations, and a slight negligence can cause failure or embarrassment. The heavy metal is lead dioxide. But now the price is relatively low is usually for fake crystal, water glass, resin, or crystal glass instead.


The composition between crystal and glass is similar. The crystal cup contains lead oxide, which can be understood as reprocessing on glass. It is difficult to say their relationships. Wine glasses can be divided into glass cups and crystal cups. These two types of wine glasses have obvious differences. Firstly, it is the price,the price of crystal cups is more expensive than ordinary wine glasses. In particular, crystal wine glasses from abroad, such as Italy and Austria that are high-quality crystal cup producers. Secondly, it is clearness, due to the different raw materials of them, the effect of wine tasting is also different, because the crystal clearness is much higher than ordinary glass, when watching the color of the wine, the crystal cup can more accurately and clearly reflect the wine color. And crystal cup generally has a stronger hardness than ordinary glass, which is more resistant to wear. The crystal cup of high quality should be clearer and the outer wall is hard. It will make a crisp sound when it collides each other. After the collision, the cup will be quickly delivered to the lips, and the vibration feeling like electric shock will be felt. That is called as "Crystal Cup" kiss.


Therefore, the expensive glass is definitely better than the cheap glass, and the damage to the body is relatively small, and it is more easy to wear and break.


Here are three distinct differences between crystal glass :

1. Sound: Tap gently or hit with your fingers. Crystal glass can make a crisp metallic sound and sway beautiful reverberation in the air.

2, Feeling: the same size of high-grade crystal glass will make you feel a heavy, heavy feel.

3. Gloss: Rotate a high-grade crystal glassware against the light, you will find it is like a beautiful craft.