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Which type glass cup can put hot water

Pulished on Nov. 23, 2019

Along with technology and social development, when drinking water, people change to use ceramic cup to glass cup, so the beautiful glass cup will be the first choice, but the beautiful one always is fragile. Some people put hot water inside of glass cup, then the cup is broken. So actually what type glass cup can put hot water?


1. Material:

Normal glassware is made by soda-lime glassware, the main material include silicon dioxide, calcium oxide and sodium oxide. Sodium oxide will add coefficient of thermal expansion, but will lower hear stability, chemical stability and mechanical strength. So soda-lime glassware only can put 70°C water around. Factory also will recommend client that it’s better not put more than 60°C water. If want to put more than 100°C water in glass cup, then we need to use high borosilicate glass cup. The heat conductivity coefficient of borosilicate glass cup will be higher and coefficient of thermal expansion will be lower, so can bear more than 200°C water.



Except material issue, craft and quality of glass cup also will affect that if It will be broken or not. About thickness, if glass cup is more thicker, or thickness is not average, will lower glass cup’s quality. Of course if original material include impurity also will affect quality of glassware. It will add more risk to broken. Actually price of glass cup depend on quality, so when choose glass cup to drink, it’s better to choose the better factory.