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Why do wines need to sober up?

Pulished on Apr. 09, 2019

What is sobering?

The sealed red wine is like a human being. When you wake up in the morning, you must have a waking process 

to get into the best condition. The red wine that has just been opened is not the best time to drink. To taste its best, 

you must go through the "wake up", in other words, just to sober up the wine.

Why do wines need to sober up?

What is the purpose of hangover?

1.Filter the slag


The "Lees" is an Old English word used to describe the dregs or sediment that sinks to the bottom of the 

container after fermentation. The main contents of the liqueur include dead yeast cells, grape seeds, pulp, 

grape stalks, pieces of grape skin, and non-soluble tartrate produced during the brewing or ripening process. 

These substances are usually precipitated during the brewing and aging process.


When pouring wine, these slags are easily poured into the cup together with the liquor, which increases 

the graininess and makes the wine turbid, greatly affecting the taste experience. So if you really want to 

taste the beauty of red wine, sobering is the best way to filter out most of the wine.

Why do wines need to sober up?

Why do wines need to sober up?


2. Let the red wine come into contact with the air, then it will go to a certain degree of oxidation to 

disperse the turbidity, open the aroma and to enhance the taste.


Sulfur-containing compounds in red wine often give the wine some turbidity, such as rotten leaves, 

burnt wood, rotten egg flavor, and sometimes even cover the aroma of fruit. And sobering can make 

these odors dissipate, bringing a better aroma and taste.


In addition, the wine reacts with the air that can bring about an oxidation reaction, which will bring 

different charm to the red wine. For some of the strong "young" wines of tannins, the aroma and 

taste are tightly locked by the tannins, and even the bitter taste. In the process of sobering, the 

oxidation process will make the tannins soft and docile, the fruitiness will become mature, the 

hidden aroma will be released, and the whole wine will become more delicate. As time went by, 

the aroma of wine gradually spread around. It was like when two people first met each other, 

they slowly opened their hearts to each other during the process.

Why do wines need to sober up?

What is the tool for sobering up?

The decanter is a tool for hangovers. The history of the decanter is very long. 

As early as in ancient Rome, people began to use a cube-shaped bottle to sober up.

Why do wines need to sober up?

With the development of time, people's awareness of hangover is becoming more and 

more clear, the demand for the decanter is constantly changing, and the shape of the 

decanter is constantly changing.

Why do wines need to sober up?


But in the past hundred years, the decanter has gradually had several important characteristics: 

no handle, made of glass, narrow outlet, thick bottom, and the capacity is about 1L.


Why do wines need to sober up?

There is also a magical hangover, Clef du Vin, Chinese name "wine key". The wine key was invented by 

winemaker Laurent Zanon for 10 years. Laurent Zanon is a chemist and winemaker and a professor of 

chemistry and biology. He collaborated with the sommelier Franck Thomas to develop the wine key. 

As a unique and fun test tool, the wine key gives you instant insight into the ageing and development 

potential of the wine. Through the chemistry of synthetic metals and wine, simply placing the wine key 

in the wine for one second is equivalent to putting the wine in one year, so that you can evaluate and 

appreciate the excellent young wine without waiting for time.

Why do wines need to sober up?

What should we do before drinking red wine?


The purpose of this step is to allow the wine residue in the wine to settle to the bottom of the bottle. 

As long as you don't shake it vigorously, the slag will gather in the bottom of the bottle. Don't pour all 

the wine when you pour it. Finally, leave a little wine near the bottom of the bottle to filter out most of the wine residue.

Why do wines need to sober up?


2.Preparing the appliance


The red wine has settled, and now I have to prepare a few tools: a seahorse knife and a clean decanter.

It should be noted here that the decanter can not be cleaned with detergent. Detergent generally has aroma residue, 

which affects the aroma of the wine itself. If the detergent is not rinsed, it will chemically react with the wine, which will 

deteriorate the taste. The correct way should be: first use a mixture of crushed ice and coarse salt to remove the wine stains, 

then rinse with hot water, and then rinse again with clean water to ensure no odor.

Why do wines need to sober up?


Open the red wine with a seahorse knife, hold the bottle, and pour it slowly along the inner wall of the decanter.

Why do wines need to sober up?


3.waiting for tasting

 Why do wines need to sober up?

Red wine is poured into the decanter, in contact with oxygen, and changes every moment. Because the development 

process of each wine is different, in the process of hangover, we should taste it at regular intervals to judge the degree 

of its aroma and taste, in order to find the best drinking time.

After completing the above steps, you can enjoy this wine gracefully.

Why do wines need to sober up?