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Handblown high-end customized spraying grey colored tulip design Horeca highball glass

Item no.: GB37B130575H

Material: Glass, Soda-lime glass

Technique: Machine-pressed

Package: color box, 24pcs/ctn, or can accept customized package

Usage: beverage juice serving, home, hotel, bar, pub tabletop drinking

Capacity: 20.25oz/575ml


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  • Customized Elegance:This Horeca highball glass epitomizes customized elegance, featuring a unique tulip design that sets it apart from conventional glassware. The tailored customization ensures a sophisticated and exclusive touch.

  • Hand-Blown Craftsmanship:Crafted through meticulous hand-blown techniques, the glass showcases unparalleled craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to the artisan's skill, resulting in a flawless highball glass with a tulip design that captures attention.

  • Sprayed Grey Finish:The glass is adorned with a luxurious sprayed grey finish, adding a touch of opulence. The grey color is evenly applied, creating a seamless and captivating surface that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

  • High-End Materials:Constructed from high-end materials, this highball glass exudes quality and durability. The use of premium glass ensures clarity and resilience, elevating the overall feel of the glass in hand.

  • Tulip Design Innovation:The tulip design of the highball glass is not just ornamental but also innovative. The flared shape not only adds visual appeal but also enhances the drinking experience, allowing for aeration of beverages and a comfortable grip.

  • Tailored for Horeca:Designed specifically for the Horeca (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) industry, this highball glass seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. Its refined design makes it an ideal choice for upscale establishments, adding a touch of sophistication to beverage presentation.

  • Versatile Applications:Beyond its elegant appearance, the highball glass with a tulip design is versatile in its applications. Suitable for a range of beverages, from cocktails to non-alcoholic drinks, it caters to diverse preferences and occasions, making it a versatile addition to any bar or table setting.

What are the specifications of Handblown high-end customized spraying grey colored tulip design Horeca highball glass?

Item No.GB37B130575H
T:66mm H:146mm B:60mm
Delivery timeWithin 30 days after the sample and order confirmed

Handblown high-end customized spraying grey colored tulip design Horeca highball glass

GB37B130575H+GB37B140260H+GB37B120355H+GB37B020480H+GB37B020560H 爆款图 (1).jpg

GB37B130575H+GB37B140260H+GB37B120355H+GB37B020480H+GB37B020560H 爆款图 (7).jpg

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