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Luxury 110ml wine glass cup for American and European Market

Item No.: GB08L11 GB08L13 G6112 

Material:  Glass, Soda-lime glass

Package:  96pcs/ctn. Color box

Usage:  restaurant, home,hotel,bar,pub for red and white wine serving

Capacity: 110ml

Product Size:  T:52mm H:133mm B:53mm


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  • A 110ml wine glass cup is an excellent tool for practicing portion control. It helps you pour and enjoy smaller quantities of wine, encouraging moderation and preventing overindulgence.

  • The narrow bowl of a wine glass cup concentrates the aromas of the wine, allowing you to fully appreciate the intricate scents and nuances of different wines, which can greatly enhance your overall tasting experience.

  • The smaller size of the cup allows you to maintain the optimal temperature of the wine. Smaller servings warm up less quickly due to the reduced surface area, ensuring that your wine stays at the desired temperature for a longer period.

  • With a smaller wine glass cup, you can enjoy multiple wine varieties during a single tasting session. This is especially beneficial for wine enthusiasts who want to explore a range of wines without consuming excessive amounts.

  • A 110ml wine glass cup offers an elegant and sophisticated presentation for wine, making it suitable for formal events, wine tastings, and fine dining experiences. Its petite size adds a touch of refinement to any occasion.

  • Smaller wine glass cups provide greater flexibility for wine pairing experiments. You can pair different wines with various courses or appetizers, allowing you to discover new and delightful flavor combinations.

Item No.GB08L11 GB08L13 G6112 
T:52mm H:133mm B:53mm
Delivery timeWithin 30 days after the sample and order confirmed

Luxury 110ml wine glass cup for American and European Market

Luxury 110ml wine glass cup for American and European Market

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