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High-end Solid Color Wine Goblet with Savoring Elegance and Taste

Item no.: GB2604V1508LJ

Material: Glass, Soda-lime glass

Technique: Machine-pressed

Package: color box, 48pcs/ctn, or can accept customized package

Usage: beverage juice serving,home,hotel,bar,pub tabletop drinking

Capacity: 240ml 

Size: 80*155*75mm



  • The design of wine glasses with stems allows you to hold the glass by the stem, keeping your hand away from the bowl of the glass. This prevents the transfer of heat from your hand to the wine, helping to maintain the wine's ideal temperature. This is especially important for serving both red and white wines at their optimal conditions.

  • Wine glasses with stems often have a tulip-shaped bowl that narrows toward the top. This shape facilitates proper aeration, allowing the wine's aromas to concentrate and enhancing the overall tasting experience.

  • The stem adds an element of elegance and sophistication to the wine glass. It not only looks visually appealing but also makes the glass stand out on your table setting, perfect for formal dinners and special occasions.

  • Solid color wine glasses with stems are versatile and can be used for various types of wine, from reds and whites to sparkling and dessert wines. This versatility means you can use them for a wide range of wine-drinking experiences.

  • The longer stem provides ample space for comfortably swirling the wine in the glass. Swirling helps release the wine's aromas and flavors, allowing you to fully appreciate the wine's complexity.

  • Holding the glass by the stem ensures that your hand doesn't interfere with the wine's aromas. This allows you to better appreciate the wine's bouquet and the subtleties of its scent.

Wine Goblet Solid Color with stem design


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