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Glass Beer Mugs

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big capacity glass mug with handle glass for beer drinking

Item No:  GB095822BQ

Material:  Glass, Soda-lime Glass

Package:  24PCS/CTN, Export Safe Package

Usage:  Beer Drinking

Capacity:  22oz

Middle East 100ml small tea mug


◆Choosing healthy and environmental protection material, which is not contained harmful substances to the human body.It

 is currently the ideal drinking utensils.

◆Attentive people can see clearly beautiful details and the beauty from the inside out that has been pursuing the inner quality.

◆Reasons for choosing us: our product is good in color, multi-style and novelty,customize designed , fast delivery, competitive price etc

◆With the rich experience in glassware industry, high-quality material, first-class quality assurance and good service system, 

our company will provide you with first-class products. We can be trusted.

◆Engraving design is fully displayed the senior, and clear texture can absolutely present the true color of the drink.

◆No matter what kind of glassware you want, We always have suitable one for you .

◆The mug is made of glass, which is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. 

It is fashionable and natural. You deserve it because it is quality enjoyment for your home life.


      Composition Ratio

Item No.    GB095822GLQ

Silica(SiO2)               73.5%

Top Dia.        77mm

Sodium Oxide (Na2O)     13.16%

Height             115mm

Calcium Oxide (CaO)       9.48%

Bottom Dia.     72mm

Boron Trioxide (B2O3)     1%

Capacity       630ml

Alumina (Al203)           3.21%

Package       24pc/ctn

Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3)      0.1%


Production Process
Middle East 100ml small tea mug


Middle East 100ml small tea mug