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Machine-made high-quality hot sale Turkish crystal glass bowl with bamboo lid

Item No.: GB1339090

Material: soda-lime glass

Package: 8/24/72pcs/ctn. Export safe package

Usage: Food, salad, fruit serving, for home, hotel, restaurant, etc

Color: clear transparent, can be with OEM&ODM printing

Size: middle size 

Product Size:  220ml 

Dark blue solid color diamond pattern glass salad fruit bowl in dinner table

Machine-made high-quality hot sale Turkish crystal glass bowl with bamboo lid video


  • Material: The bowl is made of high-quality white glass, giving it a clean and elegant appearance. The glass is smooth and translucent, allowing you to see the contents inside.

  • Shape and Size: The bowl has a tall and cylindrical shape, which provides ample space for various uses. It has a moderately wide opening, making it easy to access the contents. The overall size is perfect for serving or storing a medium to large quantity of items.

  • Design and Pattern: The bowl features a minimalist design with a touch of Turkish craftsmanship. The white glass complements the bamboo lid beautifully, creating a contrast of textures and colors. The combination of glass and bamboo gives it a natural and organic feel.

  • Lid: The bowl comes with a lid made from sustainable bamboo. The lid fits snugly on top of the bowl, providing an airtight seal to keep the contents fresh and protected. The bamboo lid adds a charming touch to the overall appearance and is easy to lift with a simple knob handle.

  • Versatility: This Turkish glass bowl with a bamboo lid is incredibly versatile. It can be used for various purposes such as serving salads, fruits, snacks, or desserts on the dining table. Additionally, it is ideal for storing dry goods like coffee beans, tea leaves, nuts, or cookies in the kitchen.

  • Functionality: The bowl's glass material makes it easy to clean and maintain. It is dishwasher-safe and resists stains and odors. The bamboo lid's tight seal ensures that the contents remain fresh for an extended period.

  • Handcrafted Touch: The bowl and bamboo lid are both skillfully handcrafted, adding a unique touch to each piece. The craftsmanship and attention to detail exemplify the dedication of Turkish artisans to creating functional yet beautiful kitchenware.

What are the specifications of the glass bowl?

Item No.


Top Dia.90mm
Bottom Dia:88mm
Delivery timeWithin 10 days after the sample and order confirmed
CertificateASTM; SGS; ISO9001

Machine-made high-quality hot sale Turkish crystal glass bowl with bamboo lid

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STOCKED 5" classic apple shape glass bowl