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Big Size Embossed Clear Glass Flower Vase

Item no:    GB1570DC

Material:   Glass, Soda-lime glass

Package:   6pcs/carton,1pc/color box

Usage:     wedding, home, restaurant, party, festival, gift

Color:    clear  

High and big antique czech glass vases for mother day gift

How to extend the flower storage time:

1. Increase flower preservative

This is the method that most friends will take because it is simple and easy to operate. Adding the right amount of fresh flower preservative to the vase will extend the flower for about 3 to 5 days.

2. Enlarge the floral incision

At the time of flower arrangement, the base of the flowering branch is beveled to increase the water absorption surface of the flower incision, or the base of the flowering branch is directly cut into 2 to 4 parts, and the small amount of the pebbles in the predecessor is increased to increase the water absorption surface of the flower.

3. Dip method

It is usually used for herbal flowers. The base of the flowers is soaked in boiling water for about 10 seconds, or placed in hot water for 2 minutes, and then immediately taken out in cold water, which can also delay the flower fade time.

4. Tea method

Replacing ordinary water with tea can also extend the flower storage time to a certain extent, but it should be noted that the tea must be completely cooled before it can be used. The higher the concentration of tea, the longer the preservation time.


What are the specifications of tall glass vases wholesale?

Item No.GB1506SZ-1
Top Dia.118mm
Bottom Dia.98mm
Package6pcs/ctn, each color box
Delivery timeWithin 35 days after the sample and order confirmed
CertificateASTM; SGS; ISO9001

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