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Glass Wine Decanter

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Garbo Decal European Retro Style Decanter Crystal Red Wine Decanter Set

Item no:   GB12105-1-TH2

Material: Sode lime Glass

Package: 3sets/ctn. Export safe package

Usage:  Red wine, barware, gift

Application: Home,hotel,bar,pub, restaurant, party

Delivery Time: About 30 days 

Volume: 1500ml

China cheap red wine glass decanter


 .Where you buy wine decanter near you for sale and for cheap? Welcome to garbo glassware, we are professional of glass cups, glass jugs, glass candy pots, glass vases, glass bowls, glass decanter, glass dishes, opal glassware, etc. You can get the most professional information and best service from us.

 .Why use a wine decanter?  Red wine has been stored for many years,will have a strange fishy smell. The wine decanter's function is to make the wine fully in contact with the air so that the aroma of the wine is fully volatilized, and the sediment in the wine is separated, and the real taste is experienced

 .Which wine decanter is best, how to choose a good decanter? of course, should choose a long neck which can have a large contact area with air to speed up the wine's sobering; and choose a large "belly" that has enough area to hold the wine to breathe; Choose a good decal design to decorate the table.

 .How does wine decanter work?  Before opening the bottle, if have enough time, upright for at least 30 minutes; When opening the wine, do not shake or turn the bottle, otherwise it will easily raise the sediment in the bottle; Open the lid, wipe the mouth of the bottle with a clean damp cloth, and then dry with a napkin; Poured the wine into the decanter steadily and slowly, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Shape the wine in the decanter then let it stay some time.

 .What design shape is a wine decanter? They are Decal European Retro Style Decanter.

 .What size wine decanter?  The capacity is around 1500ml, we have different size, welcome to talk with us.

 .How long will decanter wine last? Younger the wine, more Danning, need more longer the sober time. Generally, the decanting time of young red wine is about 1 hour; For some aged wines, a few minutes is usually enough to remove impurities in the wine; Light-smelling,  fruity white wines, almost no need to decanter; The specific time of sobering still needs to be determined according to the characteristics of different wine and personal preferences.

 .What is the  MOQ? Can mix design in 1*40HQ. SUPPORT OEM&ODM.

 .What package of the wine decanter? It is a luxury Gift Box. 1SET/BOX can be customized.

 .How many pieces in a set? They are one decanter with 6 cups. 

What are the specifications of the glass wine decanter?

Item No.GB12105-1-TH2
Top Dia.68mm
Bottom Dia.100mm
Delivery timeWithin 45 days after the sample and order confirmed

Garbo Decal European Retro Style Decanter Crystal Red Wine Decanter Set



China cheap red wine glass decanter


China cheap red wine glass decanter