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Glass Wine Decanter

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Best whisky for decanter gold rim whisky decanter and tumbler set with airtight seal

Item no:  GB30009 GB30014 GB30017-1 

Material: Sode lime Glass

Package: 6 sets/ctn. Export safe package

Usage:  Red wine, barware, gift

Application: Home,hotel,bar,pub, restaurant, party

Delivery Time: About 30 days 

Volume: 950Ml;800ml;800ml



 .Where you buy wine decanter near you for sale and for cheap? Welcome to our website, you can check and pick the different shapes, capacity, and different design as you want.  

 .Does whiskey need to be decanted? After the whiskey put in the bottle, it is a finished product. A bottle of 12-year-old whiskey store for 100 years, it will still a  bottle of 12-year-old whiskey. The flavor will not change much. The effect of decanting is very limited for whiskey. For whiskey, if you want to make the aroma of whiskey more diffuse, adding a drop of water.

 .What does whisky decanter do? /Why whisky decanter? Some people use whiskey decanter, for a luxurious and beautiful experience. Whiskey has a high alcohol content and is born with a sense of domineering. Using wine bottles makes it more high-ending and more tasteful.

 .Which whisky decanter is best, how to choose a good decanter? Try to choose lead-free, otherwise, it will be like putting poison in the wine, which will also affect the flavor of the whiskey.

 .What design shape is a wine decanter? Their shapes are irregular,Twisted.

 .What size whisky decanter?  950Ml;800ml;800ml.

 .How long can the whisky decanter be stored? It is better to drink the whisky as soon as possible after decanting. It depends on your preservation method. If the decanter without the cover, the aroma, and alcohol content will usually evaporate within a few hours. 

 .What is the  MOQ? The wholesale MOQ is about 1000pcs. OEM&ODM.

 .What package of the wine decanter? It is a luxury Gift Box. 1 set in a box, can be customized. 

What are the specifications of the glass wine decanter?

Item No.GB30009 GB30014 GB30017-1 
Top Dia.55mm
Bottom Dia.87mm
Package6 sets/ctn
Delivery timeWithin 45 days after the sample and order confirmed

Best whisky for decanter gold rim whisky decanter and tumbler set with airtight seal

GB30009 GB30014 GB30017-1 (2).jpg





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