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Wholesale factory 7pcs high-white glass fruit salad bowl set with customized spraying color

Item No.:TZ7-GB16011YL-QPB1

Material: soda-lime glass

Package: 8sets/ctn. Export safe package

Usage: Food, salad, fruit serving, for home, hotel, restaurant, etc

Color: clear transparent, can be with OEM&ODM printing

Product Size: 740ml+180ml 

Dark blue solid color diamond pattern glass salad fruit bowl in dinner table

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  • Product Description: This wholesale offering comprises a 7-piece glass bowl set designed specifically for serving fruit salads. The distinguishing feature of these bowls is the intricate embossed patterns on their surfaces, adding an elegant touch to your table setting.

  • Set Composition: The set includes seven individual glass bowls, each sized ideally for serving fruit salads. These bowls are thoughtfully designed to enhance the visual appeal of your salads, making them an attractive choice for both home and professional use.

  • Customizable Spraying Colors: One of the standout features of this glass bowl set is its customization option for spraying colors. Buyers can choose from a range of colors to match their personal preferences or the aesthetic of their establishment, allowing for a unique and personalized touch.

  • Material Quality: Crafted from high-quality glass, these bowls offer clarity and durability. The glass is resistant to staining and easy to clean, ensuring that your fruit salads are always presented in a pristine manner.

  • Embossed Design: The embossed patterns on the bowls not only add a decorative element but also provide a tactile texture, making the bowls easier to grip. This design detail elevates the overall dining experience.

  • Versatility: While these bowls are perfect for fruit salads, they can also be used for serving other dishes like desserts, snacks, or even decorative items. Their versatile nature makes them a valuable addition to any kitchen or dining area.

  • Wholesale Ordering and Packaging: The wholesale factory offers flexible ordering options, making it convenient for retailers and businesses to stock these exquisite glass bowl sets. They are typically packaged securely to ensure safe delivery, and bulk orders are accommodated.

What are the specifications of the glass bowl?

Item No.


Top Dia.178+98mm
Bottom Dia:120+82mm
Delivery timeWithin 10 days after the sample and order confirmed
CertificateASTM; SGS; ISO9001

Wholesale factory 7pcs high-white glass fruit salad bowl set with customized spraying color

TZ7-GB16011YL-QPB1 (9).jpg


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