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10 most popular glass beer cups

Pulished on Dec. 02, 2019


Every time it's hot in summer, I want to have barbecue beer with my friends. If the barbecue is the heat wave of summer night, the ice beer is definitely the strong cold air in the heat wave. It's not more enjoyable to eat the spicy kebab and drink the beer again!

Recently, it has been found that different beer needs different cups to drink the best flavor!


Today, let's talk about the beer cup. In the impression of most Chinese people, the beer cup looks like the first one on the right in the figure below. Actually, it's just one of many beer cup types - draft beer cup.

But in fact, the performance of different materials for beer is different. As the most widely used glass material, it has many advantages, such as moderate thermal conductivity, transparent appearance, low cost, etc. in the glass beer cup family, different types of glass will be divided according to the shape, wall thickness, etc., and different glasses will be used to drink different beer and different glasses The performance of different types of beer is also different.

The influence of beer cup shape on beer flavor

What is the flavor of beer? Here is a brief introduction. Different people have different understanding of beer flavor, but generally, the beer flavor we explain includes the following factors: Wheat flavor, hops flavor, mellow flavor and taste.

The raw material of beer is malt, including malt and malt, some of which will be added with oats, so wheat flavor is the basis of beer flavor;

Hops are also the most important raw materials of beer. They provide bitterness for beer and a special plant fragrance (similar to tea, mainly phenols and tannins);

As a fermentation product, there are a lot of yeast metabolites in beer, mainly including esters and acids. For example, some beer yeast will produce an ester of isoamyl acetate in the fermentation process, which has a fruit flavor, mainly the taste of banana. In fact, this is the source of banana flavor in Fujia white beer, and most of this flavor exists in Belgian style In wheat beer;

The sense of entrance is different from each other. Different people have different drinking habits. Some people like to eat at one mouthful. Some people like to spin on the tip of their tongue first and then swallow slowly. But there is a common feeling that is the killing taste after the entrance of beer. The so-called killing taste is actually a kind of external stimulation produced when the small bubbles of carbon dioxide in beer burst on the tongue, so the killing taste of beer rich in carbon dioxide will be strong.

This paper briefly introduces the flavor of beer, so it's time to say the influence of beer cup on beer. As shown in the figure below, there are two kinds of beer cups and cold beer, and you are thirsty. Which one would you choose?


I think most people will choose a, because when they drink beer with this kind of cup, they must raise their chin to drink it. Because such a cold beer can quickly pass through the throat, the world will cool down in an instant. If you choose B, the beer may touch your face when you drink it with your head up, so you must not raise your chin to drink it with a small mouth, so that the beer will stay in your mouth for a long time, and the tongue can play a full role to enjoy the various flavors of the beer.

So if you want to drink cold beer, choose a, if you want to taste beer carefully, choose B. It's also a pleasure to change the drinking container according to the type of beer or your situation at that time. At this time, you are not only drinking beer, but also enjoying the beer culture.

There are actually 10 kinds of glasses to choose from.

1. Flute 


This kind of cup can also be used to drink beer? More people may think that it is more appropriate to drink champagne. In fact, this flute cup can also be used to drink beer, because its long and narrow shape can create enough foam when pouring beer, and it will not disappear quickly, and it will also show well for the bubbles. The high foot design allows people to drink beer without holding the glass wall, which leads to the beer temperature rising too fast, but also very elegant.

General American light ale, French light beer, German down fermented light beer and Czech Pearson beer are all very suitable for this glass, because they are generally transparent golden yellow, as well as Belgian fruits, Faro, gueuze, Flanders red ale and German down fermented black beer El, schwarzbier, wezenbock, eisbock and so on, no matter what color the wine itself is, it is basically sterilized and becomes thorough, so it is suitable to use flute glass.

2. Goblet


The shape of goblet once appeared in the Eucharist of Jesus, so it can also be called holy grail. There are several characteristics of such a cup, such as large opening, shallow depth, wide and flat bottom, thick wall, and then there is a long and thin neck under it, which makes you feel very majestic when you look at it. This shaped cup was used to hold holy water before, so some people call it "flame cup". Many holy cups are inlaid with a circle of metal edge at the mouth of the cup, and the sound when touching the cup It's very nice. The cup like the Holy Grail emphasizes the performance of bubbles.

There are not many kinds of Holy Grail, but they are basically excellent beer types, such as Belgian monastery beer (Trappist, Abbey beer), strong ale, strong dark ale, dubbel, tripel and Berlin wheat beer from Germany, which are suitable for this kind of cup 。 Chimay in the Belgian Trappist school uses this kind of cup. I like this cup very much, so I can't help pasting another picture of Zhimei cup.

3. Seidel


Seidel is the most commonly used one in our country. The beer cups used in domestic restaurants are also of this type. They are generally large, thick, heavy, and with handles. No matter what shape and capacity, they are very strong and convenient to touch. They are also easy to hold by hand for a long time because the thick wall of the cup does not affect the low temperature of the beer, so they are very suitable for drinking. There are also some special designs like the similar cups in Germany, many of which have lids, which are designed to prevent flies from flying in, but they are rare in China, just like the following picture.


Draft beer cup is the most suitable beer, American, German, European, and most of the world's beer are applicable, because most of the beer emphasizes clinking and drinking, and low temperature, while Belgian beer emphasizes taste, and the beer that emphasizes tasting is basically not applicable to this kind of cup.

It's worth mentioning that a friend who once studied in the UK told me that British people love to drink beer, but most of the beer cups in British pubs don't have handles. The reason he gave it is because Britain boasts that it's a gentleman's country, so in order to prevent people from directly swinging their glasses to fight after drinking too much, the beer cups are designed to have no handles. But I think, since you can't swing your hand, just throw it at each other. It's not easy to fight.

4. Pilsner glass


The glass of beer can not be separated from pilsner beer. Because the golden body of Pearson beer is best reflected by glass, and the shape of this glass is also suitable for drinking beer freely.

After the pilsner beer cup was developed by the Americans, its varieties finally went to the world, and the pilsner beer cup became the most widely used beer cup after the draft beer cup. It is usually thin, long, big mouth, small conical and thin, because it emphasizes the clear and penetrating colors of Pearson beer and the process of rising bubbles, and the wide cup mouth is designed to retain the proper foam layer at the top, and to ensure that its retention time is basically consistent with pilsner's original design intention. 。

pilsner cup has a wide range of uses, such as the American light beer we can drink everyday, as well as German fermented beer and European light beer.

5. Tulip Pint 


The pint cup is generally close to the cylindrical shape with a slight vertebra trait, and the cup mouth will be slightly larger. There is a circle around the cup opening, which is easy to grasp. And the protrusion can also help the foam and the smell of the wine production keep longer.

Pint cup is generally applicable to British beer. Whether it's British light color ale, Brown Ale, dark ale and other mainstream fermented beer, stout, Porter and other fermented black beer, or Indian light color ale (IPA), American light color ale and American light color ale derived from the outside, they are applicable to this pint cup, and there are many new ones It's also suitable for the bizarre up fermented old beer.

6. Snifter


This kind of cup is also very common in our family. Brandy is generally used. It has the characteristics of flat bottom, shrinking mouth, shallow glass, and thick neck. This kind of cup is used for beer to capture the flavor of the wine itself, so that these flavors are left in the smaller mouth. When drinking, our nose will contact the most density in the cup High odor, and the design of large cup and small mouth, also facilitate to shake the glass to stir the beer, promote the more rapid dilution of the sediment in the beer.

This kind of tulip cup is suitable for all kinds of beer with strong taste and sediment, such as American barley wine, strong ale, dark ale, double IPA, double stout, Belgian light ale, strong light ale, strong dark ale, fruit, French soft, mixed brewing, etc., and some old-fashioned ones Fermented beer style.

7. Tulip cup


Another kind of open tulip cup is also more common. It emphasizes the performance of foam on the basis of tulip cup characteristics, so opening the mouth opens up more bubbles.

Similar to the tulips cup for these beer brewers, like some of the more emphasized bubbles, such as American light Er, Belgian strong AI, dark AI, Flanders red AI and so on, they are more suitable for this kind of open tulips cup.

8. Straight cup


This is a very traditional German style straight mouth cup, which is basically thin and long, cylinder, used to hold a thorough down fermented beer. This kind of cup can observe the internal bubble of beer and drink happily.

This kind of cup is generally applicable to Pearson beer of Czech Republic and lower fermentation beer of Germany. Of course, there are also some wines that can observe the bubble rise thoroughly, such as French soft beer, mixed beer, fruit beer of Belgium, bock strong beer of Germany, etc.

9. Weizen vase


The wheat cup is a beer cup belonging to the German wheat beer style. Its shape is close to the shape of the wheat. It has a slender, narrow bottom, wide head, and a closed opening. It emphasizes the appearance and color of the wheat beer itself. The small opening at the top is designed to allow more foam to stay on top and coexist with the special fruit flavor of the wheat beer.

Don't think it's pointless to design this kind of cup like this. If you try it yourself, you will know. Drink beer with this kind of cup, you can not worry that you will drink bubbles when you go down. As long as you raise your glass confidently, the liquid will flow into your mouth, and the bubble will not go in too much. It will not even get in at all. The premise is to be bold enough to drink.

This kind of cup is less suitable. German wheat beer, half yeast wheat beer, dunkelweizen, and weizenbock are all suitable. Some American wheat ale is also suitable.

10. Black beer glass


It's impossible to find a picture similar to the above style, but we can only find a real scene picture. This kind of mushroom cloud like glass is generally only suitable for German fermented black beer, with a small audience. It has a distinctive shape, with a thin bottom and a wide top. In fact, it's a very handy design, and the thin and short design at the bottom allows you to observe the color of the black beer itself, while the wide top It is designed to preserve more bubbles.

Only German style down fermented black beer (schwarzbier) is suitable for this kind of glass, and some similar beers from other regions are suitable for use.

There are almost ten kinds of common ones, but I'm sure there will be more kinds of beer cups in different regions, cultures and ethnic environments. It's up to you to find out.