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What is tempered glass and how to distinguish the tempered glass?

Pulished on Dec. 01, 2019

    How to make the tempered glass?
    By the physical tempered method, heating the glass to a temperature close to the softening point of the glass, blowing air on both sides to let it cool rapidly, increasing the mechanical strength and thermal stability of the glass.

    The Chemical tempered method means that changes the glass surface group, increases the surface lamination stress, and increases the mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass

  What is tempered glass and how to distinguish the tempered glass?cid=3

  How to Distinguish the tempered glass and normal glass.

   1. Check the 3C mark 

   According to national laws, tempered glass must have a 3C mark. Use a knife to cut the 3C mark. If it is easily scratched, it is false, if it is not easy to scratch, it is true. At the same time, log in to the official website of China Quality Certification Center, check the certificate. Select the manufacturer, then check if the results show that it meets national security standards. If the certificate is not found, it is disqualified.

   2.The tempered glass, not flatness

  The surface of the tempered glass should show color, but ordinary glass does not. At the same time, standing up the glass, watching the scene reflected on the glass from different angles, if the scene exhibits regular wave deformation, which can be judged as tempered. The simpler and more straightforward method is to touch the surface of the tempered glass with your hands. The flatness of the tempered glass will be worse than that of ordinary glass, the tempered glass will have a bumpy feeling. If you put two larger pieces of tempered glass together, the radian will be more obvious.

   3. Judge by sound

   Tap the glass with your knuckles. If it is tempered glass, it will make a crisp sound, and ordinary glass will be a dull sound.

   4.The fragment of broken shape.

   Distinguish from the shape formed from the broken glass: it is ordinary tempered glass that forms more regular fragments. For the specifications of tempered glass, after breaking, the particle size must be within 50mm * 50mm, and the number of particles can reach 50 ~ 80.

  What is tempered glass and how to distinguish the tempered glass?cid=3

How to buy the good quality tempered glass?

   1. First of all, you can check the glass, check whether the glass edge smooth, flatness, whether the glass thickness to meet the requirements, whether the pattern is complete. Through the rough smoothness, fluency of the feeling will have a rough understanding of product quality.

   2. The second is checking the flatness of the glass, check if air Bubble, sundries, fog spots, scratches, and other obvious quality defects.

   3. Check the 3C mark, if it is good quality tempered glass, it will have the 3C mark and can be checked by the website.

What is tempered glass and how to distinguish the tempered glass?cid=3