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How to choose a glass tea set

Pulished on Nov. 29, 2019

Among many kinds of tea sets, glass tea sets are unique because of their translucent and smooth appearance. Many people show special preference for glass tea sets. Now I am going to talk about a glass tea set.

How to choose a glass tea set

The glass was called "glaze" in ancient times. It is a colored and translucent substance. It is generally mixed with quartz-containing sand, limestone, and soda ash, then melted and formed at high temperature, and then cooled and shaped. There are many advantages to use glass tea set to make tea, but of course, have some disadvantages.

Advantages of glass tea set

1. The appearance is dazzling. Glass is transparent and has strong plasticity, so the glass tea sets have different shapes and dazzling gloss.

2. Making tea is impressive. The glass tea set is transparent in texture. When brewing tea, you can intuitively watch the beautiful posture of tea leaves floating in the cup, and at the same time, the bright color of the tea soup is clear.

3. Keep tea fragrance to the maximum. Glass tea sets have high density, low porosity, and low water absorption. They will not absorb the flavor of tea, and they will not taste when brewing different kinds of tea. Glass tea set is used to brew delicate green tea. The tea aroma is not easily absorbed, and the original flavor of the tea is retained.

4. Easy to clean. The glass tea set is easy to clean after brewing tea, and the taste does not remain.

5.Lower cost. Because glass tea sets are produced in batches, the cost is low. In most cases, the price is lower than other tea sets and it is easy to buy.

How to choose a glass tea set

Disadvantages of glass tea set

Of course, glass tea sets also have their inherent disadvantages, and we cannot ignore them.

1. Easy to fragile. Glass tea set is brittle, so it may be damaged by accident when making tea.

2. The glass tea set is hotter than ceramic, purple sand, metal, and other tea sets. Pour freshly brewed tea into the glass and it is not suitable to hold it by hand. This is a disadvantage.

3. The artistic value is not high. Most glass tea wares are produced in batches (except for individual ones). They are not strong in craftsmanship, low in artistic value, and do not have great collection value.

How to choose a glass tea set

So How to choose a glass tea set?

1.Heat resistant high borosilicate glass.

The use temperature of high-temperature resistant glass can be 400 to 500 degrees higher, and it can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference of "-30 to 160 ° C". As a tool for making tea + tea, high temperature resistant and lightweight high borosilicate glass jug is the first choice.

High borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of expansion and will not explode under sudden temperature changes; high-temperature resistance and acid resistance also make it difficult for high borosilicate to precipitate substances harmful to the human body in daily drinking water use.

The high borosilicate glass tea set is much lighter than "green glass" containing a lot of heavy metal ions, and it looks different from ordinary glass in appearance, and it is visually separated from the "green glass" hard and brittle feeling.

High-quality high-borosilicate glass is uniform in thickness, very transparent under sunlight, good refractive effect, and crisp sound.

2. The quality of glass has nothing to do with the thickness of the glass

The thick glass is machine-made. the "annealing treatment" (let the tea set temperature drop slowly and naturally to completely eliminate stress) in the manufacturing process is not as good as the blown thin glass. Thin glass dissipates heat faster than thick glass. When boiling water is poured in, the inside of the cup wall is first heated and rapidly expands, but the appearance does not expand synchronously, so it will break. The thin glass is poured into boiling water, and the heat energy is quickly dissipated, and the glass body expands evenly and simultaneously, so it is not easy to burst.

High borosilicate glass is generally not made very thick, because many tea sets can be heated by open flames. If the glass is too thick,  the heat insulation is too good.

However, impact resistance is also a very important indicator. It cannot be said that it can withstand high temperatures, regardless of impact resistance. The impact resistance of too thin glass is relatively weak. Therefore, the thickness of the heat-resistant glass tea set is formulated after comprehensive and professional considerations. It is not recommended to purchase it if it is too thin or too thick.

In addition, the most prone to the internal stress of each joint is not eliminated, which is also a common cause of bursting. When buying, you should also pay attention to whether the joints such as handles and spouts are smooth and natural.


3. Stainless steel filter is better

Plastic filters are not recommended for teapots. Plastic products may decompose harmful substances to human bodies at high temperatures. Stainless steel filters or ceramic and glass filters are recommended. They are durable, non-toxic and easy to wash.

Those who like to make tea will need a finer and denser filter because there are more crumbs than loose tea.

How to choose a glass tea set