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What is the difference between ordinary glass, crystal glass, high white glass, borosilicate glass

Pulished on Jan. 21, 2019

In daily life, we often come into contact with various types of glass materials. In addition to traditional ordinary glass, there are glass materials with special properties such as high white glass and borosilicate glass, as well as double wall glass and laminated glass. Common materials. In order to let everyone know more about the difference between crystal glass and borosilicate glass, ordinary glass and high white glass, china glassware manufacturers: Garbo Glassware collected this information and arranged this article, hoping to help.

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Crystal is a crystal of silica, and glass is only a molten state mixture containing silica. Since the cost of crystal glass and ordinary glass is quite different, it must be noted when buying. Please also refer to the points mentioned above. Identify yourself to protect your own interests.

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How to easily distinguish between crystal glass and ordinary glass

1. Sound: Gently tap or hit with your fingers. Crystal glass can make a crisp metal sound and sway the beautiful reverberation in the air. We will see a shot of the cup at the reception and high-end banquet in the movie. The collision between the wine glasses gives the kind of crisp sound. The sound of high, medium and low grade crystal glass is also different. The sounds of some low-end crystal glass or ordinary glass are quite boring.

2, feel: the same volume of crystal glass and ordinary glass components are not the same. High crystal glass will make you feel a heavy, heavy feel. The lower the crystal glass level, the lighter it will be. The ordinary glass component is even more It goes without saying.

3. Gloss: Rotating a high-grade crystal glassware against the light, you will find it is like a beautiful handicraft. It is white, crystal clear and reflects the fascinating multicolored light, while the low-end crystal or ordinary glass There will be a big gap in the above aspects of the utensils. What's more, there are a lot of bubbles in the inside of some common glassware, and the color will appear dirty and dark.

What is the difference between a high borosilicate glass and a high white glass

There are a wide variety of cups available in the market, but in all material cups, borosilicate glass is healthier. The borosilicate glass contains no organic chemicals. When drinking water or other beverages, you don't have to worry about chemicals being drunk in your stomach. Is the borosilicate glass easy to break? What is the difference between a high white glass? Let's take a closer look at the following.

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The borosilicate glass is a special glass material with low expansion ratio, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. The borosilicate glass is also a lead-free glass which is fired at a high temperature of 630 ° C. It is highly adaptable to temperature changes, is not easy to burst, has high transparency, wear resistance, and is smooth and easy to clean. Simply speaking, borosilicate glass is stronger than other glass. Especially in terms of chemical stability and expansion.

Is the borosilicate glass easy to break?

As long as it does not fall from a height, it is basically not easy to break. The borosilicate glass has a small expansion coefficient, and even if cold water and boiling water are poured in, it will not burst.

First, the production process is different, and the raw materials, composition control, melting temperature/time, and annealing time are all different. The content of high white glass iron is controlled to be in the range of ≤0.011, and the light transmittance is above 92%. The borosilicate glass has a boron trioxide content of about 14% and a silica content of 80%. It can be seen that there is a clear difference between the composition and the process.

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It also differs in temperature. High white glass can generally withstand 150 ° C high temperature. When pouring water, first put the empty cup into warm water to avoid too much temperature difference between inside and outside. The borosilicate glass can withstand temperatures up to 200 ° C and can be poured directly into boiling water.

The above is about the difference and characteristics of the high borosilicate glass cup and the high white material glass cup. The heat resistance and the resistance to the transient difference of the borosilicate glass are superior to the glass type of the glass, and the price is 2-3 times that of the other glass. Although the price is expensive, china glassware manufacturers recommended to buy a borosilicate glass. This cup will not burst suddenly when it is poured, causing damage to yourself and your family.