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The Right Coffee Mugs For Your Coffee Shop

Pulished on Oct. 16, 2018


Coffee mugs are the most used objects in coffee shops. If you own a place like this, they are the foundation of your business and the connection between you and your customers. Sure, the coffee is probably a more important factor here, but let’s not forget that people are visual beings and the visual experience weighs a lot when evaluating taste.

Have you noticed that the better the coffee tastes, the higher the quality of the cup/mug? But what if we take a step ahead when designing a business such as coffee shop, and get higher quality mugs to begin with and then work our way up towards improving the quality of our coffee? Everyone knows that a coffee shop needs experienced people and tradition in their service to capitalize on the taste of their drinks. Nonetheless, serving the drinks in mugs and cups that are pleasing to the eye gives you a quick positive feedback from your clients.

The choice between buying small, medium or large oversized coffee mugs shouldn’t be that difficult to make. If you plan on serving smaller portions of coffee, you will probably make more profit, since lower quantities cost more in relation to how much the larger quantities of coffee cost. The large oversized coffee mugs are mainly purchased by office workers who need a large doze of caffiene every day. For most people, coffee is the only thing that can keep them alert, allowing them to perform their job better, so it’s important to serve them a generous amount of their favorite drink in mugs they like.

Unlike the small coffee mugs, which should be preferably printed with smaller imprints or even left blank, the larger oversized coffee mugs can’t be presented to the customers without any sort of imprints. The surface of the mug is too large to leave it blank. If you leave the large coffee mug blank, it may give the impression that the coffee isn't that special, just because it looks like it comes in a generic cup or mug. Choosing the right imprints for your coffee mug is quite another story and it requires some discussion with your business partners and with our staff to get it right. However, if you are a passionate entrepreneur ,you will probably choose the perfect design to go with the theme of your place without any trouble.

Whether you choose a black large oversized coffee mug or some other dark color, the imprint has to count and add value to the object, making your customers feel that they are in for a treat.

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