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Hurricane Glasses For Cocktails and Ice Cream

Pulished on Oct. 16, 2018


  Did you know that ice-cream and cocktails are best served in Garbo hurricane glasses? The shape provides the perfect geometry for the flavors to blend while allowing other utensils like umbrellas and straws, to fit perfectly into the glass. The pear shaped body allows the flavors to gather up at the bottom and give you a very tasteful experience that few other types of glasses can match.

  Since the hurricane glass is most often used for blended and frozen cocktails, the most common buyers are bar and restaurant owners. The distinct shape remind us of the vintage hurricane lamps which used to hold around 12 ounces. Of course, the purpose of the shape has long transitioned from being associated with lamps to being associated with elegant glasses. Today, pretty much everyone knows exactly what these glasses are used for.

  Delicious ice-creams fill many of these glasses while offering an exquisite visual experience. The clear glass allows you to see all the layers highly increasing the perception of taste. We all know that we eat and drink with our eyes, and the visual experience contributes to how we perceive the taste of our drinks and ice-cream. Not only that, hurricane glasses are also produced in a couple of other similar shapes, along with various other accessories and features such as LEDs.

  Drinking your favorite cocktail from a high quality stem hurricane glass, with slightly blue-ish tint illuminated by a red LED, is an experience you will not forget very soon, even if the drink is not the best you've ever had, the visual experience makes a huge difference. If you are planning to purchase this type of glassware, you should consider all the variations available at Garboglassware.com before you check out. Getting a variety of hurricane glasses can make your event, restaurant or bar appeal more to your guests or customers. However, if consistency and etiquette are very important to you, then you are probably better off with only one style of hurricane glass.

  Many other creative opportunities are available when it comes to mixing drinks with access to more than just one type of hurricane glasses. Some drinks are better from a bigger glass while others taste much better out of a thinner, taller glass. When it comes to ice-cream, there is a preference towards bigger hurricane glasses with a wider base. You are eating from the glass so it should resemble a bowl, but it also needs to be elegant and inviting.

  The elegant touch is represented by imprint performed on the glass. If the glass is plain it looks cheap and made from a poor quality glass, but when the glass is printed with a suitable message and logo, the item looks much more interesting.