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A Champagne Flute Comparison

Pulished on Oct. 16, 2018


  Champagne flutes are aerodynamic and chic glasses that are primarily used for drinking champagne and sparkling wines. The glass presents an elongated silhouette which allows the wine to expand its froth, while the tapered cavity maintains it for a longer period inside the glass. The price for these glasses varies and some are cheaper than others, although at Garboglassware.com, you can get your very own high quality champagne glasses at a very affordable price. Champagne glasses are usually made from crystal, pewter, acrylic or glass. You need to know a bit about these glasses if you plan to buy them. The glasses that you are buying need to complement the dish and occasion, and for that reason you need to make sure you are getting the right set of champagne flutes.

  Planning to buy glasses as keepsakes? Then buy the highest quality champagne flutes; something that will last longer. Crystal champagne glasses are most always the best choice when it comes to personal acquisition. However, if you plan to buy glasses within a reasonable budget, you should definitely look no further than glass or acrylic champagne flutes. These low-budget high-quality champagne flutes are perfect for parties, restaurants, weddings and other types of events. There are few differences between a high quality champagne glass made of glass and one made of crystal. Crystal is a tougher material and it preserves its clearness for a longer period, although you will need to pay a lot more for the glasses made from this material.

  Champagne flutes shouldn’t be washed in other way than by hand, and you should always wash the glasses after they are used. If you let the wine sit in the glasses overnight you might cause stains to remain and they are very hard to remove. You will also risk cleaning them in a rougher manner, which will inevitably cause the scratching of the glass surface. In order to enjoy your champagne glassware for a longer period, keep them away from pets, children and regular glassware.

  The champagne flute earned its name for a reason. The unique purpose of this particular glassware is inspired by the elegance of the act of drinking expensive wine. Drinking wine properly is done by holding the glass gently by its stem, and never by the body since it affects the taste of champagne. Maintaining the right temperature is the key if you want to enjoy the full flavor of a quality wine, and holding the glass by its stem will not let your body temperature affect the temperature of the wine.

  The acrylic champagne flute is the perfect alternative to the one made of glass. The great thing about this particular flute is that it preserves the temperatures better and it’s far more resistant to impact, therefore a better investment if you want to use your glassware over and over again. Even if elegance is one of your most important requirements, these glasses can be quite chic, especially with the LED features.