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5 Tips On How to Order Garbo Glassware

Pulished on Oct. 16, 2018


  Garbo glassware is one of those things which are often taken for granted. Sure, it looks nice, but then again, we see it almost everywhere we go, right? We can find it in restaurants, in bars, in coffee shops, in the office and even in our own homes. Because of this, it doesn't grab our attention as easily as, oh say, a dancing glass sculpture of a bear.

  Despite being under the radar however, garbo glassware remains quite important as a marketing tool for corporations, as a gift for the people you like, as a souvenir from vacations, or simply as a special item that you'd like to personalize for your own personal use. What makes garbo glassware items important is the fact that they are unique.

  At a time when we rely mostly on mass production for most of our needs, garbo glassware adds a personal touch to one's home. Of course, most people don't really know how to go about ordering garbo or personalized glassware from a particular manufacturer. So if this is a problem then the following guide will show you how you can order your very own garbo glassware.

  Step 1 - Decide on What You Want to Order

  Let's say that you'd like some garbo glassware for your restaurant or business. What's the first thing that you should do? Well, you'll naturally have to think about how much you're willing to pay, what type of glassware you want, how many you need and what type of logo you'd like to get for them.

  Our company is prepared to help you make your decision, and will even answer all your questions regarding shipping, discounts, and pretty much everything else about our products. So be sure to consult us about this information before getting started.

  Step 2 - Choose Some Imprint Colors

  Most people don't really know what kind of colors or logos they'd like to get for their glassware, and many of us are worried that the colors we choose on our own might not be appear good on the final product.

  The good news is that when you order garbo glassware, you will be offered several imprint colors to choose from. We offer you a reference color chart on their websites to help you choose. Naturally, you also have the option of choosing specific colors, such as light gray or dark blue.

  Step 3 - Discuss Your Logo or Graphic Ideas

  If you are trying to promote your business then you will need to come up with a logo, or you can ask the company that's making your garbo glassware to make one for you. You can then discuss colors, size, availability, cost and how you'd like you're graphics to appear.

  After you have given your input, you should then ask for a sample. We will prepare a sample for your review, and you can use that as reference to make any changes that you'd like to make before production begins.

  Step 4 - Ask for A Pre-Production Sample

  Pre-production samples are also offered by our company, just in case you're having a hard time visualizing your garbo glassware. Of course, these samples are not for free, but if you want to be sure about your order then you might as well give them a try.

  Also, blank samples are available in most cases as well. So if you'd like a blank sample for comparison with the pre-production sample, be sure to mention that in your order as well.

  Step 5 - Discuss Shipping

  Once you are satisfied with your sample, you should discuss shipping costs and schedules. Many garbo glass manufacturers offer APO/FPO shipping, so international orders won't be problem.

  It's also worth mentioning that shipping glassware requires special double boxing in order for them to be insured. This is fairly standard procedure, and you can almost always expect your order to arrive on time.