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How many types of materials are there in the plastic cups? How can we choose a good plastic cup?

Pulished on Jul. 06, 2019


   The Plastic cup is a kind of material that is used in large quantities. Let us know more about it before our use.

    How many types of materials are there in the plastic cups? How can we choose a good plastic cup?cid=3


    The materials of the plastic are classified into the following types:

    1.PET is commonly used in coffee cups, cold drinks or beverage bottles. Its transparency is relatively high and easily deformed by heat resistance to 70 °C. If higher than 70, it will harmful to the human body. When we use one same plastic long till 10 months, it may release carcinogens. DEHP. In daily life, do not put in the sun in the car; do not pack alcohol, oil and other substances.

    2.HDPE usually used as white medicine bottles, cleaning products, bath products. Do not use it as a water cup, or a container. Cleaning is not thorough and should not be recycled.

    3.PVC used for raincoats, building materials, plastic film, plastic boxes, etc. Excellent plasticity, low price, so it is very common to use, can only heat 81 ° C. High temperature is easy to produce bad substances, not used for food and recycling, do not buy if it uses as a drinking bottle.

    4.PE  used for plastic wrap, plastic film, etc., it is soft material, not resistant to high temperature, will become soft when filled with water, long-term installation of boiling water may cause plastic decomposition and produce harmful substances

    5.PP used for soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice drinks bottles, microwave lunch boxes. The melting point is up to 167 ° C, it is the only plastic box that can be put into the microwave oven. It can be reused after careful cleaning, can be used for a long time at normal temperature. When in a cold environment it will be broken. Since PP is not good for cleaning, it is not recommended to make tea.

    6.PS used for a bowl of instant noodles box, fast food box Generally used for cold drinks, like ice cream, can not be put into the microwave oven or contain high-temperature materials.

   7.PC and other, use for like kettles, space cups, and bottles. Department stores often use water cups of this kind as gifts. Do not heat when using, do not expose to direct sunlight.

     China drinking glasscup glass factory

    There are many choices when we choose the materials for water bottles, so we should consider safety, health, environmental protection, cost performance or portability.

    When purchasing a drinking cup:

    1. Look at the appearance of the outside. Check if there is a “QS” mark on the product, then check the bottle wall if transparent and pure; don’t choose a cup with a brighter color.

    2. Smell if there is a Pungent smell, even if you do not open the lid, you can smell the bad smell, so don’t buy it.

    3. Look at the hardness. A good plastic container is thick and has good hardness. It will not be excessively deformed by hand to the internal pressure. Besides, it can also be filled with hot water to see if the bottle is deformed, whether it has an odor. Top upside down to see if it is sealed.

    4. Food grade. When buying a plastic water cup, you should find out if the water cup identifies the food grade. If it is not a food-grade plastic water cup, it is best not to buy it to avoid harm to health.