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Does double glasses keep warm and easy fragile

Pulished on Aug. 30, 2019

There are many kinds of glasses, generally divided into single glass, double glass, crystal glass, glass office cup,glass mouth cup, etc.

Double glasses, as the name implies, are divided into two layers when they are made, which can be used as heat insulation and anti-scalding. Its raw material is high borosilicate glass, food-grade catering glass, after more than 600 degrees of high temperature firing. Usually made of high borosilicate glass tubes, inside and outside tubes are baked by technicians under the sealing machine.

Does double glasses keep warm?cid=3

Double glasses are mainly used for heat preservation and insulation.  Ice can also be preserved. Many glasses manufacturers have double-decked ice buckets.   The vacuum double-layer cup is usually manually blown, and the lattice in the middle is not vacuum at all.  There is an air outlet at the bottom of the outer layer of the cup in order to discharge gas during blowing and prevent the cup from deforming and bursting.  Seal the hole after the production is completed. There is gas in the middle, if it is 

vacuum, the cup will produce a lot of noise after breaking, and will blow up glass fragments, easy to hurt people.  

What are the advantages of double glasses?

1.It's not easy to absorb other flavors.

Due to the special compactness of the material, the double-deck glass is not strong in absorbing and adsorbing other flavors. So even if you want to drink light water after making strong tea, you can't smell the taste of strong tea when you drink lighter water. 

Does double glasses keep warm?cid=3

2.It's friction resistance. In the process of making double glasses, because of the high hardness of the material, the double glasses made have special friction resistance. 

For those who have dishwashers at home, dishwashers can also clean double glasses directly.  

Does double glasses keep warm and easy fragile

3. The material is quite good.

The material used in double glasses is stronger.  The material of double-layer glass water cup is also more compact. 

It is not easy for the cup to be contaminated by water in the process of using, and it is more convenient to clean.

Does double glasses keep warm and easy fragile

4.It’s not easy to be broken.

Double glasses require more technology than single glasses. So double glasses are not as easy to crack as the single glass cups.

Does double glasses keep warm and easy fragile

5.It’s more unique appearance.

In the process of making double glasses, because there is a layer of glass inside and a layer of glass outside, so from the appearance, it looks better than single glasses, and its aesthetic value is more extensive than single glasses.

6.It has good heat preservation effect.

Compared with single-layer glass, double-layer glass is double-layer glass, which has been melted at high temperature during manufacture. If double-layer glass is put into hot water, the thermal insulation effect is much better than single-layer glass.

7.It can prevent scald hands.

If you want to buy a glass for yourself, you can buy double glasses. Compared with single glasses, double glasses do not burn hands if there is boiling water in the glass. If the temperature of water is high, single glasses are easy to burn hands.

Does double glasses keep warm and easy fragile