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Customers Want Different Levels of Customization

Pulished on Oct. 16, 2018


  Things have changed since we first started manufacturing glassware, and now people want more out of their products, more customization features and all at lower prices. Fifty years ago, there were not that many materials, printing techniques and software technologies to allow the printing of such intricate designs. However, it’s not always about how intricate the graphic imprint is, but also how well it relates to customer needs. Preferences have evolved throughout the years, and people are now preferring designs that are more simple and effective.

  “Simple” is a big word, and unlike what the term might imply, a simple custom product that delivers is quite a difficult thing to achieve. To choose the minimum customization levels in order to get the most effective response from customers and guests is an expertise to which our company has dedicated more than a decade. Even if many years ago, highly detailed imprints and features were making our most sophisticated glassware, today people prefer clean colors, minimalistic designs and balanced themes.

  Our products have transitioned from standing out to blending in perfectly with their settings. Elegant products and prompt customer services are what our customers demand from us, as well as from all the other suppliers they do business with. Since we work intimately with our customers, every product is tailored to our customers’ specifications and delivered in time. Even if people have access to advanced custom features in manufacturing their glasses, most of them only use a minimum number of them, at least during their first orders.

  From our experience, it’s not the price of the glassware that makes all the difference, but rather the appropriate type of glassware along with the right imprint. These are the two main things that our customers should focus on. Check our products to see which glassware will work for you and then look at the prices. It’s best to have multiple glass types to choose from; usually around three will do. After you made your top three choices you can proceed narrowing down to one and then set the imprint.

  Whether you are buying plastic glassware or garbo glassware, you should never leave your products blank.