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5 top popular package for glassware

Pulished on Nov. 15, 2019

When you wholesale glassware from China, you may be thinking the below question:

1) what package is suitable for your models?

2) Is this package is nice to display the glassware, and help for good selling?

3) Is it safe for ocean/ land delivery?

Yes, for each style glassware, glass cup, glass bowl, glass plate, glass jar, there will have the most fit package for each style, here we suggest 5 popular package styles for your idea.

display box  (2).jpg

1) Color box

The color box is no double the most popular package for glassware, no matter you order glass cup, glass bowl, glass bottle, glass plate, the color box is all fit, and the size can be adjusted base on your sales unit.

The color box is usually with 3 lay corrugated cardboard, then with 4 colors printing design on it, the thin film on the surface will well protect the cardboard from water. The most important that is you can make your own design on the color, your logo, the model picture, and slogans,the color box is very nice to display the goods inside. Base on your sales unit, you can design pack as 1-10 pcs as you want, but this also based on the products, if the packed models are very heavy, we suggest to control below 6 pcs is better.

So if you want your goods sale in the middle-end market, the color box pack is your best choice.

universal gift box pack (8).jpg

universal gift box pack (7).jpg

universal gift box pack (10).jpg

universal gift box pack (9).jpg

2) Window box 

If your glass cups with very nice design and you want consumers can see the design directly, then you can choose to pack as a window box. You may be worried that the cups are out from the window, and not safe to delivery, there is no need to worried when we pack into the carton, there will be corrugated cardboard to separated. And you can also make some design on the window box to match with the goods design, that's look much beautiful. These window boxes are most popular for a printing glass cup and goods with nice designs.

So if you want consumers can see the design directly, and the cost also competitive, then you can choose the window box.

window box pack  (1).jpg

window box pack  (4).jpg

window box pack  (2).jpg

window box pack  (3).jpg

3) Shrink tray pack 

The shrink tray packs are the cheap and safe package, these are usually for some clear cup and bowls. pack in this way the cups are tight together, then shrink bag pack. if you worried about this design, the consumer also can see the inside design.

So this is also a good and cheap way for package glassware, especially the simple glass tumbler.

universal gift box pack (6).jpg

universal gift box pack (3).png

universal gift box pack (4).png

4) Universal gift box

Why the name is a universal box? Because there is a bottom and then with a separated cover, this like land and sky, so we name it a universal gift box.

This also one kind of gift box, but is separated, the bottom usually in white color, or you can choose the blue and red color, then the cover can make the customized design.

With this bottom and lid separated, the glass usually sleeps in the bottom, these are most fit for the cup with engraved design when you open the lid, the cups look very high-end.

If you want to develop high-end goods, this box may your best choice.

5) Kraft gift box 

The craft gift box is the most high-end during these gift boxes, the material is made by very hard craft cardboard, and looks very strong. Then inside will be filled with a polyfoam to protect the glass, these boxes are widely used for a wine glass and whiskey set. The inside decorated with silk looks luxury.

These kraft gift boxes are the best choice if you want to develop gift items.

craft gift box .jpg

craft gift box .png

There are still many other packages for glassware, if you want to know more information, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will be your best consultant.