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What are the techniques for making tea in a glass tea set

Pulished on Nov. 15, 2019

I believe that many people like to drink tea, and drinking tea is good for health and self-cultivation. Whether it is office workers, staying up late, and the elderly at home, they have a special liking for making tea. But what tea set is best for making tea? Do you know how to make tea?

What are the techniques for making tea in a glass tea set?cid=3

For Chinese people, making tea is an art, and many people use special tea sets to make tea. Chinese tea art is millennium. For the body-friendly tea, of course, the tea set is also very particular. Plastic bottles like those we use in our daily lives are not good for our health. Therefore, we recommend the most suitable tea set with glass products. But not all glass products are suitable for making tea. Ordinary soda lime glass can't withstand too high temperatures, and it will burst, easily break and hurt us. Therefore, we must use high temperature resistant borosilicate glass tea sets.

What are the techniques for making tea in a glass tea set?cid=3

A little bit of borosilicate glass tea can be divided into:

1. High temperature resistance, the instantaneous temperature difference can withstand 150 degrees.

2. Healthy and non-toxic.

3. No pores, so it will not absorb the taste of tea, so you can taste 100% of the original taste, and easy to clean, the taste does not remain.

4. Clear and transparent, you can appreciate the moment when tea is evaporated in water during the process of making tea.

5. Stylish and elegant. Transparent glass passes through the color of the tea. With a crystal-like texture, you can see the light brown color of herbal tea and enjoy the fun of drinking tea.

In addition, the art of making tea has many skills in the process:

First of all, we need a bag of good tea, the important thing is the color, fragrance and shape of the tea. We can first observe the shape and shape of the tea, take appropriate amount of tea, prepare 80-100 degrees of hot water, slowly place the tea on the teapot, without stirring, wait for the tea to be washed away by hot water, and the brown color spreads. Shake the pot gently after soaking for 1-3 minutes. Make them fully integrated. Invert the glass, first observe the color of the tea, then smell the aroma of the tea and taste it again.

There are so many tea making skills, I hope this article can help you learn more about tea culture.