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What should we do if the new glasses smell pungent odor? 6 tips to remove it

Pulished on Jan. 16, 2019

It has to say that glasses are the necessities for our life. In our life, we often use glasses for drinking water, tea, beer, wine, etc. But if we buy new glasses, it always smells the pungent odor. So, what should we do for the new glasses?


We talked about that 5 Tips for Keeping Glassware Away from Dirty  before, Here we summarizes 6 tips to remove those pungent odor, which is simple and practical. 

The first tip: hot water

hot water.jpg

If newly purchased glass, or the glass that does not use for a long time appeared peculiar smell, we can pour hot water to soak it for about half hour, and then rinse it with clear water. If the pungent odor is heavy, just soak it more times, until no odor. 

Please do not use boiling water, Of course, hot water 80~90 degrees Celsius is ok. And before soaking glasses into hot water, we need to pour a small amount of hot water to warm glasses firstly, which can prevent the glass from breaking.

The second tip: brew peels

brew peels.jpg

We can also get rid of the peculiar smell of the glass through brew tangerine peel, grapefruit peel to into the glasses. The peel itself has a light aroma, and the pores on the surface of the peel are denser and can do good adsorption. So if the glass has an odor, we can use this method to make the cup full of fruit aroma.

The third tip: tea


We all know that the tea tastes fresh and has a good removal effect on the odor in the glass. However, it should be noted that since tea is easy to produce tea stains, do not put too much tea when you put the tea leaves. Just a few tablets, you can remove the odor in the cup by brewing several times.

The fourth tip: toothpaste

Some glasses have an odor because of long-term tea drinking, and there are thick tea stains in the glasses. Toothpaste not only cleans our mouth, it also has a good cleaning effect on tea stains. Just apply the toothpaste on the toothbrush and then slowly wash it along the wall of the glasses. Rinse off with water after cleaning. After that, you will find that the glasses not only has no odor, but also toothpaste flavor. Of course, if you don't like toothpaste flavor, you can pour hot water into glasses for a few times to remove it.

The fifth tip: salt water

In addition to the flavoring effect, salt can also remove the odor of glasses, and also has the effect of sterilization. Just add a small amount of salt to the cup, then pour water into it for about 20 minutes, then rinse it again with water.

The sixth tip: beverages


If you have milk or other beverages in your home, you can also use it to remove the odor of glasses. 

Generally speaking, the taste of the beverage will be relatively strong, which can effectively cover the odor of the glass. However, the cost of this method is relatively large, and feels like it is more wasteful compares to above methods. In general, the previous methods are very good at removing the odor of the cup.

Hope above 6 tips can help you to remove the odor of glasses in your daily life!