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What are the top 2 glass votive cup I like from Garbo Glassware?

Pulished on Nov. 28, 2020

Hi, this is Emma from Garbo glassware which has over 23 years of experience in the glassware industry. We provide the customer with the proper household glassware when they need it. You can find nearly all kinds of glassware from us. And do not worry about the quality and price, it will satisfy you.

And today, I am going to share with you the top 2 glass votive cup to you.

How will you use the glass votive cup? To hold the candle, and why? That is only a function of our cup, and we just talk about it right now. Please check below.

Here is a brief introduction to the votive candle for your reference. 

In Christianity, candles are a symbol for pray, Christian pray for him or herself or for other people. It is kind of a tradition. The candle votive offering in an act of Christian prayer, if you hold the candle by hand, you will get burnt when the wax melt sometimes. 

Then a utensil for the candle is quite good and I will choose the glass item. And this is a huge demand for votive candles. Since the cultural integration, there is not only the Christian will pray with a votive candle but also the other people. People wanna show their goodwill to the people they care about by ceremony, so everything is gonna happen.

Furthermore, check below the glass votive cup.

1.The square one

It is made of strong glass with firm-based and there are 5 different sizes for your choice. From 2.5inch to 6inch. 

2.The Octagon one

It is from 3inch to 6inch.

Both have a smooth surface which provides the space to make the post-processing. It means that you can make some print or engraved on it, to show the special on this plain products.

All these sizes are popular in the market and we prepare some stock for fast shipment. If you like it, can contact us immediately, then we can advise you the price. If you do not like it, we also have another choice for you.