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Glass packaging has these 4 major attribute advantage

Pulished on Feb. 28, 2019

                                      Glass packaging has these four major attribute advantages

In daily life, many packaging containers of different materials include plastic, glass, metal and even some plastic bags and paper bags, but throughout these packaging containers of different materials, The editor thinks that from the perspective of cost-effectiveness and health, glassware container packaging is the most suitable, but the following advantages of glass packaging containers are shared with you.

Definition of glass packaging containers

Glass packaging container is a kind of transparent container which is made of molten glass by blowing and molded. Glass packaging containers are mainly used for packaging liquid, solid drugs and liquid beverage commodities.

Glass packaging container cup has these four major attribute advantages

Green attributes

Glass as a package is compared to plastic and metal packaging, from the extraction, transport, production and manufacture of raw materials, and from the transport of finished products,

Consumption recovery has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions throughout the life cycle, and the lowest carbon dioxide emissions.

Glass packaging container cup has these four major attribute advantages


Glass is recognized as the safest packaging material in the world. It does not contain bisphenol A or plasticizer. Reliable chemical stability and barrier, no pollution to the contents, so the choice of glass-packaged food is the choice of health, choice of safety.


Glass has unlimited vitality, the glass itself can be recycled and reused without losing price, recycling to infinity. The law of immortality is most prominent in glass.

Human-oriented nature

The unique modern function and artistic charm of daily glass can be reflected in the excellent essence of human service.

Hope that the above simple sharing will be helpful to you, and also hope that in the future, in order to be healthy, happy, in order to live in a beautiful environment, more use of glass packaging products.