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The important factor in choosing a vase and vase collocation tips

Pulished on Feb. 28, 2019

The important factor in choosing a vase and vase collocation tips

Life becomes better and better now, sundry household artifact implement also reduced people to do housework time greatly. So many people would like to learn a skill to enrich their lives, such as flower arranging. It can not only improve their self-cultivation, but also make the home more beautiful. Talking about flower arrangement, we can not mention the vase.

So, what is the important factor in choosing a vase?

1.The material of vase


According to a recent online survey, most people say that they would like to buy glass vase rather than plastic vase, neither ceramic vase. For plastic vase, it is particularly prone to bacteria, that cause flowers to quickly wither; But for glass vase, no matter be colour or transparent, we can see water quality muddy or not at a glance, that makes flower maintenance management be much more convenient.

2.The color of vase


Recommended style: transparent smoke gray, light and pure color

Transparent smoke gray is a classical joker, and it is a good sense of style in various flower works;

Contracted pure colored glass vase also is a right choice, but had better choose a low color saturation, light colored vase, which not only can adapt to different types of flower arrangement, but also can fully integrated into the your home style.

3.The size of vase


Recommended styles: medium size vase, Mini size vase

If you're a light flower arrangement lover, then get two mini size vases and a medium size regular vase for your daily needs.

For flower arrangement, medium size bottle is selected for flowers with large bouquets, long stems and large water absorption capacity; Mini flask is for short stems and small branches.

A vase with the height of 20cm and the diameter of 8cm is usually called medium size vase, and the mini size vase is about half the height of a medium one.

Everyone has a different style, different aesthetic, but the basic style is essential, which summed up is simple color, practical size, clear glass vases. Based on above, no matter how difficult to control of flower arrangement, simple vase can help you hold it easily.

Tips for vase collocation


1.The modern glass vase is ideally placed next to the sofa fireplace in the living room and on the decorative cabinet, work with other decorative items, to beautify your life.

2.The living room is a place where friends and family often meet. You can choose some bright vases to bring a warm atmosphere to the living room. The bouquet can be made larger, so that can immediately attract the sight when people enter the living room.

3.Glass vases, ceramic vases, and colored vases, each one have their own styles. The most important thing is that the vases must match the surrounding environment of our home, to create a vibrant atmosphere.