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The methors to screw glass double wall cups

Pulished on Oct. 12, 2019

It is common to think of glass as a very fragile and fragile thing, and it is especially easy to hurt us. But nowadays, glass is no longer the former glass, which not only improves the toughness of the glass, but also increases the heat resistance of the glass. This makes the current glass product very different from the original glass product. This article will show you how to use the lid of the glass cup when it can't be opened. In addition, what are the advantages of double-wall glass cups?

What should we do when the lid cannot be opened?

    1) If the cup is filled with hot water, leave the cup still until the water in the cup cools down before opening the lid.

    2) A thinner sheet can be inserted into the gap between the cup and the lid to allow air to enter the cup, helping to open the lid.

    3) You can turn the cup upside down and take a few shots against the bottom of the cup to open the lid. But be careful not to be too powerful.

    4) You can properly heat the lid and slowly unscrew the lid.

    5) Put the cup in hot water and heat the cup. The water temperature should not be too high. When the cup is heated to a certain degree, the lid can be opened.

What are the methords to screw the lid of double wall cup and the advantages of it

What are the advantages of double-layer insulation glass?

    1) Wide range of available, can be used for tea, such as black tea, green tea, and even fruit tea.

    2) Can accept the customer s custom pattern, can carry out a variety of processing. Such as spray color, decals, printing, sanding and so on.

    3) It can be safe to drink, because these cups are food grade and will be safer and healthier to use.

    4) Durable, it is produced after more than 600 degrees of high temperature, not easy to break.

    5) It has a better function of preventing water leakage. The joint between the lid and the cup is very tight, and the sealing ring has good sealing performance and is not easy to leak.

    6) Because it is a double-wall structure, it has good thermal insulation properties, and also has good insulation effect, which is very convenient to use.