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Advantage of double wall glass cups

Pulished on Mar. 24, 2020

Cups made by glassware is the most safe and health cups using at our daily life. The glass cups with good prices and makes people more be at case. Craft of double wall glass cup is more complicated than single wall glass cup, but here have more advantages too. Please check those advantages as below:


1. Pleasing to the eyes and functional:

Most of double wall glass cups are made by high borosilicate glassware, it’s clear and smooth. Also high borosilicate glassware can be acid resistance. It’s very easy to clean and have not peculiar smell. Pleasing to the eyes and very functional.


2. Unique thermal insulation design:

Double wall glass cups have double wall here, so at the middle of cups have space, this will keep liquid’s temperature for a long time, also will not be hot for hands, this unique thermal insulation design is very useful for people.


3. More heat resisting:

Once we pour away water at normal soda-lime glass cups, these glass cups can not bear the temperature suddenly, then they will be broken. But double wall glass cups are different from normal soda-lime glass cups, they are made by high temperature craft to shape up, can bear temperature difference between -20°C-150°C, can be suitable for big temperature difference, so will not be so easy to break.


So, how can we keep in good repair of double wall glass cups?

It need to use soft cloth and warm water to clean when before or after using, keep cleaning cups is healthful for us. When double wall glass cups is dirty, it’s better use warm water to steep a moment.

Advantage of double wall glass cups