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Answering the “Best Product” Question

Pulished on Oct. 16, 2018

  Even if plastic glassware products are the cheapest, they don’t always represent the best alternative. We have been in the business for nearly 20 years, and have been providing quality customer support and advice to all of our customers, helping them make the right choice about what to order. It’s important know that none of our products are the best in every situation, but “what makes a product great is how well it matches your needs.”

  We know very well that there is a degree of subjectivity when it comes to choosing drinkware, and most customers choose the right product for their business or event. However, this is not always the case. Analyzing the purpose of the event or the need for the product is crucial when assessing the kind of products a customer should order. Does that mean all businesses need high quality, expensive products? Most definitely not.

  The budget is what dictates the kind of products the company can afford to buy, but that’s not the only factor. Efficiency is also another key element that should factor into the decision making process. If your company needs glassware for a 3-hour outdoor event, it would probably be more effective to purchase plastic glassware instead of some really expensive glassware. The items that you choose will most likely be dropped and ultimately thrown away. However, if it’s a fancy corporate party, a major dinner event, or a classy wedding, then you’re going to want to go with a high quality glass item.

  The term “the best product” is actually a somewhat of a myth; at least in our industry. The better phrase to ask may be “the best product for your purposes.” For some people, a $0.25 cup is the best investment they could ever make, and it works for them and their business, while others can’t maintain their leading position without the highest quality crystal glassware. It’s a very wide spectrum of ways of doing business and each of them works in their particular settings.

  A good product provides high value for the lowest price in the industry. However, there are several other factors that need to be taken into consideration when evaluating the right product for you, such as:

  - How much is it?

  - When can I get it?

  - What do I like?

  - Who do I trust?

  Let’s talk about each of them and discuss the implications.

  How much is it?

  It’s important that you factor in all of the costs associated with ordering some items. This includes the cost of the product, the cost to set up multiple color screens (if you’re getting more than one color), and most importantly, shipping. The reason we don’t provide a shipping estimate upon checkout is because some of these orders require specific rush services, and sometimes truck deliveries depending on location and quantity ordered. We want our customers to be well aware that our shipping prices are competitively priced.

  When can I get it?

  This is something that we’ll need to know, which may alter your shipping costs, or even determine whether or not we’ll be able to get it done in time for your deadline. That’s why we always ask for your “In-Hands Deadline.” In other words, when you absolutely need these within your hands so you can use them. We won’t promise delivery of any order to you if we aren’t sure that we can meet your deadline. If you have a rush order, please call us first so we can determine if it’s possible to print, and any shipping cost that may be attached for rush orders!

  What do I like?

  This one is all up to the customers. Of course we can suggest items that we see a lot of people ordering, and maybe even walk you through a couple of the options. But ultimately, it’s up to the customer to determine what they want, what looks good, and what will be best for them or their event.

  Who do I trust?

  We love our repeat customers, and all of them that come back are satisfied with our high quality customer service and products (plus, there’s no set up fee for screens if everything is the same!). We actually get a lot of customers who come to us after they’ve placed their order with another company. We pride ourselves on being an honest company that looks out for the good of the customer. If you ever have any questions, give us a call, chat with us online, or shoot us an email. We’re open late and we answer emails promptly.

  All these factors play a huge role in choosing the right provider for your company. Obviously you can skip some of them and focus on the common factors, which are price and shipping costs and still do great in your business, but we wanted to give you an overview of where we stand on some of these issues in an attempt to answer the “best product” question!