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Are colored glass cups toxic

Pulished on Feb. 28, 2019

Are colored glass cups all toxic

Toxins are linked to many health concerns. When toxins like lead or cadmium are found we try to determine the root cause – where is it coming from? One of the first things we look at is the source of drinking water. Using a good water filtration system is one way to lower lead exposure. But what happens when the lead is coming from the drinking glass, and not what’s inside? Well, that can happen when you drink from decorative glassware. But, are all colored glasses not safe to drink liquids? The answer is NOT!

Are colored glass cups toxic

Colored glass should not be used as a cause of poison in the glass. Whether the colored glass is poisonous depends on whether it is with sprayed color or of solid color material.

1.Natural color glass

Glass itself is colorless, now the colored glasses on market, mostly are sprayed glass and primary glass, which we called solid glass. When glass is smelted, it adds transition elements such as cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), copper (Cu) and other silicate compounds to selectively absorb visible light and be colored, after which we’ll see finally colorfully, these metallic elements are considered as the poisonous material. In fact, they are itchy and silicate reacts to form four or six coordination complexes. They are very stable and can not be  broken down in the boiling water.

Are colored glass cups toxic

2.Sprayed color glass

Spray color glass just as its name implies is sprayed on the glass color, since it is sprayed on the surface, with a long time usage we will drink it all in the end. Most colored glasses are made by adding pigments to the process, which usually contain heavy metals. Color disappeared in long-term use, that means color substance is released, this is toxic indeed.

At the end of article, tell you how to distinguish toxic glass. Use a knife sharp to scratch the surface. If nothing is pull off, it means this glass is by colored material. And go on drinking, it's absolutely safe. Or if you have some colored powder on the knife, it probably is by painting or spraying. In this case, you need to check with the use instructions or the shopper if the color is safe for people. Some colored glasses are safe but some are not. You hardly tell by your own eyes.