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Is it safe to use a high borosilicate glass lunch box in a microwave oven?

Pulished on Mar. 06, 2019

Glass is light-transmissive and reflective, and easy to color. It is often used in applications where lighting and color are required, such as optical instruments and various art decorations. Modern technology has brought new vitality to the glass industry, and has also greatly improved the performance of glass. Many of the utensils are now made of glass, such as wine bottles, lunch boxes, etc.. It not only can make people intuitively see the food inside, but also do not react with the food served, it is very durable. In this article, we will introduce whether it is safe to put a glass lunch box in a microwave oven. And we will show a tip to open the sealing device.


1.Is it safe to use a high borosilicate glass lunch box in a microwave oven?

Yes, it is.

Below are the utensils that are unsafe in the microwave oven:

A: ordinary plastic container

The heated food will deform the plastic container, and will also release toxic substances, contaminate food and endanger human health.

B: metal utensils

Because of the iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other utensils placed in the furnace, the microwave oven will generate an electric spark and reflect the microwave when it is heated, which will damage the furnace body and not heat the food.

C: closed container

A wide-mouth container should be used when heating the liquid, because the heat generated by the heating of the food in the closed container is not easily dissipated, so that the pressure inside the container is too high, which may cause a blasting accident.

D: Glass products with irregularities and heat-resistant glass products should not be used in microwave ovens.


2, when the glass lunch box is heated and the cover is sucked. How to open it?

After the glass lunch box is heated, the lid is sucked up. Just need to put it back in the microwave oven and heat it up slightly, and then it's easy to open it.

The lid is sucked because of the negative pressure. When the microwave is heated, the air in the lunch box escapes from the lunch box due to thermal expansion. Once the heating air is stopped, it will cool down and shrink. Since the lid of the lunch box is relatively closed, the outside air is not easy to return to the lunch box. This creates a negative pressure (ie, the air pressure in the lunch box is lower than the air pressure outside the lunch box). This makes it difficult to open the lid. But as long as the time is long enough, this negative pressure can disappear by itself, because the lunch box is impossible to be 100% airtight. As time goes on, the air will gradually enter the lunch box. And the lunch box can be uncovered normally when the internal and external pressure is the same.

If you want to open it at that time, just reheat it. At this time, the internal pressure returns to the same level as the outside world. Once the negative pressure disappears, there is no obstacle to opening it. (Just need to pay attention, the pressure is already related with the temperature. Please pay attention to prevent burns when opening the lunch box)