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Brief introduction of Garbo top3 hot sale classical design glass bowl in 2021

Pulished on Dec. 17, 2021

The glass bowl is very common in our daily life and there is a large range of using ways for glass bowls. For some big capacity glass bowls, you can use them to serve noodles, salads, fruits, and mixing salad...of course, you can use them to warm foods in the microwave oven because of the advantage of soda-lime glass material. For some special designs small glass bowls, we always use them to serve dessert, ice cream...So glass bowls are always a very hot sale in every market. Because everyone needs to use them to do many things. In this article, we will introduce some hot sale glass bowls in Garbo for your reference.

  1. Apple glass bowl:

This bowl is a very hot sale bowl in the market not only this year but from very far away. The outside is very rough and looks like a frosting craft but actually, it's just the engraved mold design.

On the inside of this bowl, the surface is very smooth. So this makes this bowl is very easy to clean. We call it an apple bowl actually because there are some engraved apple patterns near the bowl. And also with a flower edge in the mouth, this bowl looks more beautiful. Because the capacity of this bowl is big enough, so you can use it to serve fruits, vegetables, even mix salads at your dinner table. For this bowl, you can also choose to do some customized design such as spraying color in it. Our customers favorite color for this bowl is pink color.

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2. Diamond bowl:

This bowl is also a top rank in the glass bowl category. You can find it anywhere. It's a normal bowl but has been sold a lot and also is popular in every market. We always use this bowl to mix salads, serve fruits, vegetables..This is machine-made and embossed. With the engraved diamond design on the outside of this bowl, this bowl looks more beautiful. With a professional designer team, we can also help you to do some customized designs. 

Brief introduction of Garbo top3 hot sale classical design glass bowl in 2021

3. Lotus shape glass bowl:

This glass bowl is like a blooming lotus. So it looks very beautiful. The engraved diamond design is also very charming and elegant. If you want to do some customized designs, we can also help you do your customized designs on the bowl.

Brief introduction of Garbo top3 hot sale classical design glass bowl in 2021

We also have many other kinds of glass bowls. If you want to know more products and get more details, please contact us to get more details.