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Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven

Pulished on Jan. 24, 2019

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

In this age of pursuing quality of life, even a small glass can play a lot of tricks. So, there is a heat discussion of "Can a glass be heated in a microwave oven?" In common, many people use microwave ovens want to heat milk, boiled water, coffee and other things directly before drinking,  But there are fears that the heating of the glass will cause much trouble. With this question, let’s discuss about whether it is possible to heat the glass in microwave.

Do you know which kind of glass?


1.Soda-lime glass cup

Soda-lime glass can not be used in oven or microwave. The heat resistance of Soda-lime glass is not quite good, and the temperature difference you can bear is only about 60 degrees Celsius. Whether it is heated or cooled rapidly, the glass is very easily to burst. So pls noted that Soda-lime glass should not be heated in the microwave oven.

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

2.Tempered glass cup

Tempered glass without homogeneous treatment, if used in oven and microwave oven, will rise the risk of self-explosion injury. Tempered glass should not be heated in microwave oven. On the one hand, because it contains metal components, it is fragile when heated. On the other hand, when heated, there will be toxin precipitation, which is harmful to health.

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

3.Heat-resistant glass cup

Heat-resistant glasses can be heated in a microwave oven. Compared with ordinary glass and tempered glass, the expansion coefficient of heat-resistant glass is smaller. It has good high temperature resistance. At the same time, it can withstand extreme cold and heat changes, so it can also be put into the oven. So if you want to heat milk and other drinks, you can pour it into a heat-resistant glass and then put it in the microwave oven.

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

4.Glassware for Microwave Heating

At present, there are some special glassware which can be heated by microwave, most of which are dining boxes in the market. They often have a "microwave usable" sign on the bottom.  At the same time, heat-resistant glass products obtained by annealing and cooling have good thermal stability. When purchasing the products, consumers should consider the authenticity of products labeled as heat-resistant glass but at a low price.

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

There aresome small tips to you.

Glass can withstand at least a temperature difference of about 60 degrees Celsius. For example, if the room temperature is 20 C, the poured water should not exceed 80 C. If you want boiling water, you'd better preheat it with hot water first. In addition, before putting the glass into the microwave oven, see if this kind of product has the word "microwave oven applicable". If it is not marked, it is recommended not to use microwave oven, after all, it is safe first.

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

When the goods can not be heated by microwave oven?


Microwave heating of chili peppers seems to be great as long as it doesn't catch fire. But when you open the microwave door, the chemicals emitted from hot peppers will stimulate your eyes. Nasal membranes and burned throats, that taste, click, absolutely choke enough! 

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

2.Cheese, pork, fried food

These foods belong to those with high fat content and low moisture content. Be very careful when heating in a microwave oven because there is less water. After microwave heating of the same energy, the temperature rises very quickly, and it is easy to scorch or explode. 

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

3.Containers with metal

It includes porcelain cups and plates with gold pattern and takeout boxes with metal accessories.

Metals react when heated. If they are put into the microwave oven, the containers (porcelain) will be damaged slightly, and the heavy ones will be ignited and burst.

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

4.Nothing to put

If you don't put anything on, turn on the power and let the microwave oven run idly. It could blow up the microwave oven. Because nothing absorbs microwaves, the magnetron (the part that makes the microwave oven work) eventually absorbs them and explodes itself.

Can The Glass Be Microwave Oven? Be Careful!

All in all, be carefully when you use microwave to heat the goods.