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China Daily Glass Industry status and forecast

Pulished on Apr. 18, 2019

  -Meng Lingyan, Chairman of China National Association For Glass Industry

  Speech at the 8th International Symposium on Advanced Glass Technology

  First of all, I would like to thank organizers of the meeting for giving me this opportunity to introduce the status and prospect of the domestic glass industry. I am here to talk to you about three aspects:

  The first part is an overview of the daily glass industry

  Daily glass, as its name implies, is glass products that we cannot live without 365 days a year.

  It is Essential the glassware we use in everyday life

  I. Main categories: including:

  1. Glass bottles and jars-containing sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, all kinds of life flavor are fully shown in them. Including all kinds of wine bottles, condiment bottles, glass storage jars, etc.;

  2, glassware-crystal clear, food delicious visible. Many hotels choose glass plates for breakfast buffet.

  3. Glass insulation container-insulation, preservation and safety;

  4. It is most common in Heat-resistant glass and crisper. It can be seen that heat-resistant tea sets can make tea and make water delicious.

  5, medical glass-liquid medicine packaging is the safest;

  6, crystal lighting glass, technical glass, microcrystalline glass is the most dazzling, open flame cooking is unusual;

  7, craft glass fun also pleasing to the eye, art glass relic is valuable;

  8, other glass products often accompany in life.

  Ⅱ, the five characteristics of daily glass products

  1. Safety and security. Daily glass is recognized as the safest and most excellent food packaging containers and materials in the world. On February 2018, the Queen of UK, who is 90s, demanded a total ban on the use of plastic straws and plastic bottles in all her royal estates. Chefs can only use glassware, ceramics and paper cups and plates. The 2016 China G20 Hangzhou Summit, 9th BRICS summit and the 2017 Beijing "the belt and road initiative" International Cooperation Summit Forum have all provided bottled mineral water in glass. Life is precious, health is more expensive and happiness is the most important. Safety guarantee should be done well.

  2. Beautiful and practical. Grape wine glasses are distinguished, elegant and intoxicating. They are held in the hands of festive parties and enjoy the good taste of life. The daily glass industry covers a wide range of fields and uses. Food, drink, pendulum, watch, use and play can be seen everywhere. Glass products make people's life more beautiful and colorful.

  3. Cultural appreciation. The unique charm of glass art not only meets the needs of people's life, but also can be fully enjoyed spiritually. In September 2015, at the welcoming dinner to commemorate the 70th anniversary of China's victory in the Anti-Japanese War, the tables used by President Xi Jinping and President Putin were decorated with Boshan coloured glaze and two white coloured glaze swans with charming shapes. At the banquet table of the 2017 Beijing "the belt and road initiative" International Cooperation Summit Forum, several coloured glaze camels were placed to remind people that camels were used for transportation in ancient the belt and road initiative. Glass Is Transparent. To be honest, to do things aboveboard, is the essence of sunshine glass and transparent style, as long as you do sunshine, corruption can be reduced.

  4. Art Collection. Glass art is priceless. Coloured glaze is the top of China's five largest vagina mold, and coloured glaze (coloured glaze, gold and silver, jade green, ceramic, bronze). Seven treasures of Buddhism (gold, silver, coloured glaze, coral, lapis lazuli, red beads, agate). In Boshan coloured glaze in China, there are also four treasures: "coloured glaze chicken oil yellow, artistic conception coloured glaze chicken liver stone, sons coloured glaze pomegranate Wang naibao" and Lu pai inner glass painting (snuff bottle). In recent years, China National Association For Glass Industry has named 32 china glass masters of art and has successively awarded Wang Naibao, a glass master, the "King of Pomegranate in China". Sun Jijie was awarded the title of "China's Sun (surname) Coloured Glass Chicken Oil Yellow", Sun Fengjun was awarded the title of "China's Coloured Glass Grape Sun", Zhang Guangzhong was awarded the title of "China's Internal Painting Zhang" and Zhang Xiaosen was awarded the title of "China's Zhang's Coloured Glass Chicken Liver Stone". This has formed a relatively wide social influence and greatly promoted the market value of China's coloured glass artwork. It not only publicized famous products, but also established celebrities, laying a solid foundation for the branding and internationalization of china glass art.

  Especially chicken oil yellow works are rare. Its yellow color is as enchanting as chicken oil. Beginning in the early Ming and Qing dynasties, only the royal family could use it. The characteristics of his works are as follows:

  (1) Run like jade. Refueling or water is not dry, wet and dry is moderate, fine, smooth and glossy;

  (2) coagulation such as fat. Condensation such as grease;

  (3) sound such as Qing; Qing is the oldest stone percussion instrument and ritual instrument in Chinese history.

  (4) color such as halo (the aperture formed around the sun or moon);

  (5) The price is as high as gold (nine times out of ten for chicken oil and yellow works, and about 70,000 to 80,000 yuan for one in previous years).

  5, green recycling recyclability. "The fire will last for a thousand years and dedication will last forever" is an incisive description of glass.

  Ⅲ, the five major importance of daily glass industry

  1. It is a traditional The people's livelihood industry and an indispensable industry for national economic development.

  2. It is an innovative and competitive industry with cultural characteristics.

  3. It is a green industry in circular economy and an important force for building a resource-saving and environment-friendly harmonious society.

  4. It is a necessity for continuously enriching and prospering the market and continuously satisfying the people's good life.

  5. It is a promising sunrise industry in the new era.

  In 2017, the total output of the daily glass industry was 28.607 million tons, up 3.15% year on year. Main business income reached 164.72 billion yuan, up 5.95% year on year. The development of the industry continued from 1998 to 2017, with the output and output value increasing for 20 consecutive years.

  Up to now, there are nine special regions and industrial clusters of China's daily glass: Pujiang County, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Province, the capital of China's crystal glass; Qixian, Shanxi Province, the capital of china glass utensils; Boshan District, the hometown of China's glass; Fengyang County, Anhui Province, the base of China's daily glass industry; Badou Town, Boshan, Zibo, the famous town of China's daily glass industry; Qingping Town, Hechuan District, the base of China's daily glass industry. Dezhou Jinghua-China Hollow Brick Production and Research Base, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province Shajiabang-china glass Mold Industry Base Becomes china glass Mold Capital, Hejian City, Hebei Province-China Heat-resistant glass Production Base.

  -a small town with special features, full of vitality. In July 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Construction of the State announced that among the country's second batch of 276 characteristic towns. Yu Huang Miao Town of Shanghe County is one of them and is also the seat of Shandong Linuo Special Glass Co., Ltd.

  The industrial orientation of the characteristic small town is "one town, one industry", highlighting "special and strong". The functional integration of the characteristic small town "clings to the industry" and strives for "convergence". The characteristic small town form is created to "highlight delicacy" and to show "small and beautiful". The operation mechanism of the characteristic small town is "going to Blue Veins in a shabby way" and "living and new". It is understood that at present, special towns related to daily glass industry are to be declared, including Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu and other places.

  In the implementation of the "Three Products" strategy, it is proposed to enter Zhongnanhai, the Great Hall of the People, the International Conference and hundreds of millions of happy families.

  In September 2017, Beijing Lu Pai City Life Products Co., Ltd. made Lu Pai high-grade thermos bottles for Zhongnanhai, which are currently the top in the country. The Association encourages enterprises to make strategic arrangements in the aspects of variety increase, quality improvement and brand creation, and strive to upgrade and level in the aspects of novelty, novelty, uniqueness, beauty, high quality, sharpness and ingenuity, so as to strive for glass products with "both beauty and temperament". Increase variety, improve quality satisfaction, enhance brand awareness, reputation and loyalty.

  In October 2016, the Association awarded Shandong Linuo Special Glass Co., Ltd. the honorary title of "China's Heat-resistant glass Leading Enterprise".

  In August 2017, Guangdong Huaxing glass co., ltd was awarded "China daily glass industry leader enterprise" by the association.

  2018 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Association. At that time, the Association is prepared to publicize and commend a number of celebrities, famous enterprises, famous brand products, etc. Helping enterprises have new atmosphere and new actions in the new era.

  Looking at the development of the daily glass industry, it is not too much to use the expression "seeking progress in stability, benefiting from stability and getting better and better".

  The second part is the main outstanding contradictions and problems in the development of the industry

  The growing need for a better life for the people and the unbalanced and inadequate development of the industry.

  -There are still many problems in the development of high quality and high efficiency:

  -The technical content and added value of daily glass products are relatively low;

  -Production capacity of some products in The escape sequence, and blind development still exists in some regions and enterprises;

  -Low-level repeated construction and unreasonable competition still exist;

  -The situation of weak, scattered and small industries has not been fundamentally changed.

  -Lack of professional, high-end management and innovative talents;

  -Comprehensive management needs to be improved urgently;

  -The ability of independent innovation and the ability and means to deal with Hap Hazard are still relatively weak.

  1, successively can environmental protection kiln technology;

  2. Lightweight production technology;

  3, waste broken glass recycling processing, comprehensive treatment application technology and recycling system construction;

  4, Heat-resistant glass and glass-ceramics production technology;

  5, neutral 5.0 pharmaceutical borosilicate glass production technology.

  In March this year, I accompanied two chief engineers from the Army Transportation Institute and the Naval Equipment Research Institute to Pinghu Jiate in Zhejiang Province and Jielong in Jiangsu Province to investigate the development of integration of defense and civilian technologies and look for glass products for troops to eat during actual combat training. At present, the main requirements of military products are safety, portability, non-friability and easy cleaning. At present, our products are short of 2. But they are very impressed with the products. First, the glass is equipped with heat preservation boxes, which can be used as food transportation for island outposts to keep warm and fresh. Second, the first-aid drum with glass inner container and outer plastic can be used in small border guard posts. The third is the milky white glass tableware, the person in charge of the enterprise will not break the product if he lifts it over his head and drops it on the indoor floor.

  On April 12, the national environmental protection department called a meeting of relevant associations and asked them to propose environmental protection measures for green development: we propose three.

  (1) All enterprises must pass the environmental impact assessment;

  (2) All enterprises must meet the requirements of Standard Conditions for Daily Glass Industry (2017 Edition);

  (3), all enterprises must install pollutant emission control equipment, and emissions to meet the corresponding standards.

  The third part is the development trend and prospect of daily glass industry

  First, several major trends in the development of China's daily glass industry

  1. Daily glass products will be more and more popular in people's life. Consumers are demanding more and more quality and color varieties, and the market of daily glass industry is becoming wider and wider.

  2. High-quality development has become the key word in the transformation and upgrading of daily glass industry in the new era. Enterprises pay more attention to improving the quality and level of development, and industrial upgrading and structural adjustment continue to deepen.

  3. The drums of green industrial development are beating louder and louder, and the pace is getting faster and faster.

  4. Innovation and development, technological progress and technological innovation are still the main themes of industry development.

  5. Cross-border cooperation with Internet plus, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will bring new opportunities for industry development. Knowledge owners and capital owners jointly manage enterprises will become a mode of sustainable development of enterprises.

  6. Marketization, specialization, individuation, diversification, intensification and internationalization have become the mainstream of industry development.

  7. The degree of product standardization is getting higher and higher, and producers and managers are becoming more and more aware of standardization.

  8. Cultural guidance has become inevitable. First-class enterprises are becoming more and more aware of culture.

  9. It has become a fashion pursuit in the development of the industry to actively undertake social responsibilities and fulfill social obligations.

  The daily glass industry is still in a period of adjustment and transformation and a period of great strategic opportunities. There has been no fundamental change in the general trend of continuous growth of the industry. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people are paying attention to consumption upgrading, quality of life and food safety, especially the vitrification of food and beverage packaging. In particular, lightweight glass mineral water bottles, oil bottles and milk bottles have become hot spots in the development of the industry. The value of mineral water bottles is much higher than that of wine bottles. Because glass packaging does not contain plasticizer and bisphenol A .. In summer, plastic bottled water is put in the car inside. After a long period of time, the taste changes obviously.

  Glass packaging, natural and unrestrained square. The combination of fashionable glass and classic wine is the bloom of heroic culture. The combination of glass and dairy products is a blend of natural beauty and healthy beauty. The combination of glass and perfume cosmetics is the superposition of natural beauty and artistic beauty. The combination of glass bottles and drinking water is pure and clear, soft and rigid Huaiyin Mind.

  For the sake of health, happiness and a better life, please use daily glass products.

  Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. From the perspective of life, human beings have experienced ancient times, the New Paleolithic Age, L'age du Bronze, the ceramic age and the plastic age. Now they have entered the glass age. Recently, there is a popular article on the internet that "glass is the most important material for human beings". Glass is a gift given to mankind by heaven, the darling of the times, the crystallization of beauty, the source of love, the carrier of joy, the experience of happiness, and the symbol of modern civilization. Without glass, there would be no modern life. The future world must be full of glass Elements of Arkandia.

  The most beautiful thing in the world is glass. Glass is mysterious, glass is sacred and glass is magical. Glass has vitality. The most beautiful thing in the world is that glass outlines the tradition of glass history and culture, the symbol of the progress of the times, the safety of health protection, the practicality of life and entertainment, the value of appreciation and collection, the green nature of self-circulation, the endless innovation that can shape everything and the indispensable nature of The people's livelihood industry. Glass has become the seven treasures of Buddhism and the head of China's five largest vagina mold. This is the precious wealth left by our ancestors. Building China's glass kingdom and glass power is our generation's historical mission and lofty responsibility.

  Entering a new era means that the Chinese nation has ushered in a great leap from standing up, becoming rich to becoming strong. The three "rises" have greatly aroused the deepest and most high-spirited national confidence, national confidence, industry confidence, enterprise confidence and enterprise leader confidence, and have stirred up a strong sense of Feelings to Family and National and national pride as Chinese. Around the new era, a series of new ideas, new concepts, new judgments and new formulations have emerged.

  Relevant international researchers have proposed that the value of daily glass consumed per capita per year should be taken as an important index to assess the health, happiness and well-being of a country's people. I agree with both hands. At present, China's per capita annual consumption of daily glass is about 10kg /100 yuan, which is quite different from that of developed countries around 40kg /1000 yuan. At present, a wineglass produced in our country sells for more than ten to tens of yuan, while similar glasses produced in Europe and America sell for hundreds or even thousands of yuan. I urge all experts and scholars and guests present at the meeting to figure out the value of daily glass consumed by each of us each year. I hope that through today's meeting, I can raise the health, happiness and well-being index of myself and my family.

  The world is developing and China is changing. General Secretary Xi said: "We have never been closer to the center of the world stage, to the goal of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and to the ability and confidence to achieve this goal."

  We are messengers born for glass and striving for happiness. The times require us to stretch our arms, roll up our sleeves and work hard. We must not forget: original will, which is protecting the people's food safety, health and happiness, and continuously satisfying the people's growing needs for a better life, will make consumers feel at ease in eating, drinking, playing and enjoying themselves. This is our great love. Great love makes great beauty. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke travels all over the world, and if his heart wins the hearts of the people, he should do one thing well in his life and make the world full of glass love.