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daily use beautiful glass mugs with handles

Pulished on Feb. 25, 2022

Why drink eight glasses of water a day?

As we all know, water is one of the most important components of the human body. When the body is short of water, the human brain will send a thirst signal to remind people to drink water. So do you know how much these eight glasses of water are? For adults, they should consume 1800-2000cc of water every day, and this water does not necessarily come from drinking water. The vegetables, fruits, fish and other foods we eat also contain a lot of water. But what is the function of drinking water?

daily use beautiful glass mugs with handles

Let's first take a look at the role of drinking water!

1. Helps Digestion

The food we eat every day needs glasses of water to act as a lubricant to help the stomach to digest and absorb.

2. Excretion of waste

The residues and wastes left after the food we ingest are digested and absorbed, and we need water to help excrete through sweat, breathing, and urination.

3. Hydrate the skin

Drinking water can adjust the PH balance of the human body, help the body to metabolize, make the cells in the body get sufficient water, and keep the skin in a healthy state

4. Regulate body temperature

The human body temperature is around 37 degrees, and at different times, the body temperature is different. When it is too cold or too hot, the pores open differently, so water is needed to shrink or open the pores and regulate body temperature.

daily use beautiful glass mugs with handles

However, in daily life, there are often people who do not like to drink water or forget to drink water because they are too busy at work. In fact, this is not good for the body. What should we do to remind us to drink glasses of water?

  1. Buy a mug you like.This cup is very nice,suitable for home,study or office,etc.The transperent cup body,beautiful printing,smooth handle,reasonable price,and moderate thickness,even if the cup is full of boiling water,it will not be scaled,so it must be the best chioce for daily drinking water.

daily use beautiful glass mugs with handles

2. Post a sticky note to remind yourself

Find a conspicuous place and put a post-it note to remind yourself to drink water

3. Internal Willpower

Tell yourself that you must remember to drink water. With firm willpower, you will definitely be able to drink a glass of water!

It should be noted that drinking too much or too little water will be detrimental to the body. In addition, it is not recommended to consume too much water at once to prevent adverse effects on the kidneys.Drinking water is a small matter,but good health is a big deal.A glass of water every day can lead to a beautiful life!