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Do you know how to make glassware?Here is my simple understanding.

Pulished on Jun. 11, 2019

1. Ingredient preparing.

The main raw materials of making a glass cup are quartz sand, limestone, soda ash...Following up with the formula, put all the raw material into a mixture.

2. Melting.

Heated the mixed raw material completely at around 1660 degrees Celsius, which is a complicated physical and chemical reactions. Only to remove the impurity, the uniform bubble-free glass liquid can be. The impurity will have an effect on the looking of the glass. If you want color glass, it should be prepared when you mixed the raw material.

3. Shaping

Put the melted glass into a mold, It is a cooling process. This is a cooling process in which the glass changes first from a viscous liquid state to a malleable state and then to a brittle solid state. It can be Artificial or Machine made or Semi-automatic shaping.

4. Polishing

After the shaping of the glass cups, it has to be polished the rough surface with a fire gun.

5. Annealing

There is heat stress in the glass cups when it has undergone drastic temperature and shape changes. After polishing, the glass cups will be transferred to a conveyor belt in the annealing furnace, there is a different temperature in the furnace from high temperature to low temperature. This process takes about several hours. Then the heat stress in the glass cup will eliminate slowly. If it can not be eliminated well, the glass cups may be broken on its own during storage, transportation even when you are using it.      

If you need the clear glass only, then the workers will pack the cups at the end of the annealing furnace.

All in all, this is just a brief summary of the Stained Glass Basics. If you want to know more about it, feel free to contact us.