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Do you know how to make green tea with a glass cup

Pulished on Jun. 28, 2019

Do you know how to make green tea with a glass cup?

Glass cup match green tea, which is a popular choice in our daily life. Lots of teashops will adopt a  glass cup or glass mug to making green tea. 

We usually found out that we can't make tea as sweet as the professional tea master even using the same glass cup. The taste of tea we are making is bad and differ from the taste of the tea that tea master made.

Why is huge different even we use the same glass cup and same brand green tea? Below are the suggestions from professional tea mater for your reference.

Do you know how to make green tea with a glass cup

1) Suitable water temperature needed. 

Pls don't make tea while the water is boiling for even expensive green tea cannot withstand such toss from high temperature. The tea usually will become bitter. Others are used to be afraid of boiling hot the tea-leaves, they use the low-temperature water to make green tea. It comes out the less aroma and taste of tea. The suitable temperature for making green tea with a glass cup.

A. 80 - 85 degrees for the green tea leaves with a single bud or a leaf

B. 85 -95 degrees for the green tea leave with one bud and two leaves

Tool Assistant: Temperature Can be seen from the thermometer or from the kettle display.Daily somatosensory judgment: The boiling water trickle is high-pressure to cool down. 

Testing the temperature with your back of hand connected with the fair cup for two seconds:  90 degrees. Then the filling the water trickle with hot water from high position again.  The water is cooling again in this process. When it comes to tea, it is just right.

Do you know how to make green tea with a glass cup

2)The method of making tea matters.

 You are supposed to pay attention to the method of making tea with a glass cup. Making teas step by step. 

Don't be out of order. Sometimes, you spout the water first and add the tea, which causes the tea leaves won't sink for a long time. You have no patience to wait for the taste comes out thus you use the tea needle to stir it. Choose different brewing methods according to different tea leaves. Making green tea in a glass cup, which is divided into three types: top, bottom, and bottom according to the order in which the tea is placed.

On the cast: water filling into glass cup firstly, then adding tea leaves.   Filling a glass cup with water to the seven-point full of the cup, then add the green tea leaves. 

This method is suitable for tea leaves, which are heavy, relatively tightly formed and easy to melt water, such as Yongxihuqing.

Under the casting method: Tea leaves firstly, water after.  Firstly adding tea into the cup, then fill water to the cup 70% full. This method is suitable for Anji white tea. 

CIC method: first water, then tea, then water. First pour the water to the three-point full of the cup, at this time the water temperature can be a little higher, cast tea, shake evenly, let the tea taste more quickly, and then pour seven full, then the water temperature can be lower.

Do you know how to make green tea with a glass cup

3)Details of the refilling water should be noticed.

You will add the water after the total tea finished. The taste of the second tea will be more thick or more light, which affects the drinking effect. It is better to immerse the  Green tea in the glass cup for only three or five minutes. After a long time, the soup color will change from normal green or yellow-green soup color to dark yellow. At this time, it tastes bitter, so it is recommended to have good green tea on time.

In addition, there is also a small trick when refilling.  You can refill the cup when you have one-third left, which will maintain the consistency of the taste of the tea and improve the overall taste of the tasting.

I hope you can enjoy green tea with a glass cup!