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Do you know the right way to hold a red wine glass?

Pulished on Jan. 09, 2019

                     Do you know the right way to hold a red wine glass? 

Do you know the right way to hold a red wine glass?

Red wine and champagne are indispensable at all kinds of high-level banquets, and red wine etiquette is very important at this time. Even if wine etiquette is not clear, the method of holding red wine glasses is the most basic and must be known. Well, in order to help you understand wine etiquette better,please see below picture.

The left picture is wrong, and right one is correct.

Do you know the right way to hold a red wine glass?

So the correct position should be to hold the glass with thumb, index finger and middle finger. First, grab the glass post to appreciate the color and color of the wine through the glass wall and shake the glass to release the wine fragrance. If you hold the glass wall, you can't shake the glass with your fingers. Secondly, drink wine at a suitable temperature. If you hold the glass wall with your finger, the hand temperature will warm the wine, affecting the normal level of wine.

Do you know the right way to hold a red wine glass?


We know that beer glasses and paper cups can't be used to hold wine, otherwise it would be as boring as paper cups for good coffee. The wine should be accompanied by tall goblets. Of course, the small glass of Chinese spirits is too small, not enough to drink a mouthful. If you use the brandy gesture when you take the cup, you are suspected of impersonating the connoisseur. Cheers can't be forced. Just pick up the goblet and you'll become elegant. It is necessary to touch a glass. Wine is a delicacy for all the features. The eyes can appreciate its charming color, the nose can smell its fragrance, the mouth can enjoy its delicacy, and the pleasant sound of the clasping glass is for the ear. 

Advantages for holding red wine in right ways:

1. Keep the wine warm

The temperature of the human palm is usually up to 36 ℃, but the suitable temperature of most wines is no more than 18 ℃. Holding the cup belly will make the wine liquid heated and its flavor will change. This is not the case with the handheld glass, which is designed to prevent the body's heat from being transmitted to the wine.

2. Make it easier to shake a cup

Shaking the glass is an important step in tasting wine. It helps the aroma in the wine contact with more air, while leaving the liquor in the top of the glass, making the nose easier to feel the aroma of the wine. Holding a cup belly to shake the cup not only increases the difficulty of shaking the cup, but also makes the wine spill out.

3. Avoid printing fingerprints

In more formal social situations, holding a cup belly may print the cup and affect your image. When the tasting notes are written, fingerprints may affect the taste's judgement when the wine is a vintage red wine or a pale white wine


In a word,In addition to the method of holding the cup post, there are many feasible ways to hold the cup. The specific method also depends on the personal habit and the purpose of holding the cup 

Do you know the right way to hold a red wine glass?